The Benefits of Flying Private vs Commercial

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When travel is necessary, most people turn to commercial air travel as it is the most common way to get from one destination to another in a short amount of time. However, what most don’t realize is that there is a better way. 

Anyone who has ever traveled on a private jet understands that the benefits of doing so far outweigh even the most incredible experience on a commercial airliner. 

What sets them apart?

Here’s a closer look at many of the benefits of flying private vs. commercial. 

Flying Private vs. Commercial: Booking Your Flight

Believe it or not, you can feel the difference between these two flight options before you even begin to pack your bags. Let’s talk about booking. 

Booking a commercial airline ticket can be done online through the airline or via one of many third-party sites. You simply plug in your travel dates and get a list of pre-scheduled flights for your date. 

You will have to weed through all the results to find one that will work the best for you – at the right price. It is common for flights to be scheduled at the most inconvenient times and you can have layovers in various airports that may not even be anywhere near your destination. Some layovers last a few minutes (making a late departure on the first leg a little risky) whereas others may have you waiting around for hours for a connecting flight. 

Commercial booking has you finding the flight that will work the best with your travel needs, regardless of how ideal it is. 

Flying private is much different when it comes to booking. You simply contact your charter company and request a flight for the date and time you want to travel. It is that easy. 

Flying Private vs. Commercial: Boarding Your Flight

The day of travel looks very different for those flying private vs. commercial. 

Commercial travelers are required to arrive at least two hours in advance so that they may make it through check-in, and TSA security lines, and be at the gate in time for the flight to board. There is a lot of waiting that takes place during this process. Patience is a must. 

Boarding your flight when flying private means arriving about 15 to 20 minutes before takeoff. Your charter team will go over the details of your trip and point you through a quick security checkpoint before boarding. No long lines, no wasted time. 

Flying Private vs. Commercial: In the Air

If you think there is a difference between flying private and commercial on the ground, you will be surprised at the difference in the air. 

Stepping onto a commercial airliner puts you face-to-face with row after row of forward-facing seats and a lot of strangers. Once seated, you will have minimal legroom and often find yourself touching knees or elbows with the person next to you. 

Due to lack of space, getting work done or spending much time on devices isn’t very comfortable – and it surely isn’t private. Inflight connectivity usually comes at an additional cost and is often slow and spotty. 

Depending on the airline you are traveling and the distance to your destination, you may be offered a beverage and a snack. You may find meals or more gourmet snacks available for purchase. 

Flying private is comfortable and luxurious. There is plenty of space to move about and seats you can easily kick back and relax in. Inflight entertainment is readily available and accessible. If you decide to get work done, you will have plenty of room and privacy to do so. 

Personalized refreshments and even catering are available when flying on a private jet charter. 

Flying Private vs. Commercial: Travel Time

Your time is valuable. How you choose to travel determines just how much of it you may waste. 

As mentioned above, commercial travel involves a lot of waiting in lines and around airports. This can be frustrating when you are trying to reach your destination. What’s more, the large number of delays and cancellations plaguing commercial air travel lately could leave you wasting even more time than you initially intended. 

Flying private is direct without much waiting at all. You won’t have layovers, long lines, or any unnecessary waste of time. 

Flying Private vs. Commercial: Safety Concerns

All aircraft, private and commercial, have to meet certain regulations set forth by the FAA. And both are required to meet certain inspections. 

With private jets, you can expect the best charter companies to hire a select crew of aviation maintenance technicians with the highest level of training to maintain their fleet. This includes routine maintenance as well as repairs, as needed. 

What’s more, many private jets are stored in hangars, allowing them to avoid wear and tear from the outdoor elements. 

Of course, having world-class flight crews that undergo continual training greatly boosts the level of safety, too. 

Flying Private vs. Commercial: Flying with Pets

Are you interested in flying with your pet? You will find that there is a vast difference in how your pet will experience air travel depending on whether you fly private or commercial. 

Commercial airlines have strict policies on the size and breed of the animal and the size of the carrier that needs to fit under the seat in front of you. Otherwise, your pet will find their way into the dark cargo area with all the luggage. This can be dangerous and traumatic for pets. 

Flying private allows you to bring your pet onboard with you. And, dogs are even able to roam free for the duration of the flight. 

An Enhanced Flight Experience with Sun Air Jets

We can continue to count the benefits of flying private vs. commercial. Or, you can see for yourself with Sun Air Jets

Our charter services surpass the competition – in fleet, flight crews, and customer service. From the moment you board until the moment you land, you are going to understand what true luxury is all about. 

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