6 Best Christmas Vacation Destinations

6 Best Christmas Vacation Destinations - Sun Air Jets

Kids are ready to dive head-first into the holiday season as soon as the bell rings on the last day of school before winter break. By this time, many parents have already put in for their time off of work, too. Christmas vacation is one of the most anticipated times of the year and gives a great opportunity to travel to amazing places.

For some, Christmas vacation is a time for travel. It could include a trip to visit family members that may not live nearby. Or, it may involve something exciting, such as visiting and exploring new destinations to spend time together as a family. This means there is plenty of time to get together and create holiday memories that will last a lifetime. 

Top Trending Christmas Vacation Destinations

If you want a unique experience to close out this year, why not gather up your family and book a private jet charter to one of the six best Christmas vacation destinations

1. London, U.K.

If you want to cross the pond with your family this holiday season, it surely won’t disappoint. And, believe it or not, London has more for your family to do than you may have realized – especially the kiddos. 

You can take the family ice skating at one of the many rinks around the city. Whether they are rookies or seasoned skaters, it will be a lot of fun. Check out the light displays throughout the city, spreading Christmas cheer. Of course, London is never short on theatrical performances for the family. And Christmas carol concerts? Yes, please! 

Throw in some food and shopping – even at the Christmas markets – and you will indeed have a good time. 

2. Saint Lucia

Have a white Christmas with the white sand you sink your feet into as you listen to the waves of the bright blue water crashing on the shore. Talk about getting transported to a tropical getaway. 

Saint Lucia is an island in the Eastern Caribbean full of beauty, adventure, and romance. There are many things to do and see for everyone in the family. For those who love the water, there is swimming, jumping waves, snorkeling, exploring sea life, boating, fishing, and more. You can also explore the rainforest, dine out on some delicious grub, or enjoy the peace and serenity of the day.  

Does the warm ocean breeze and lights on a palm tree get you in the Christmas spirit? Then Saint Lucia is the perfect destination for you.

3. Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe may not be the top pick on a Christmas vacation list in years past, but that is undoubtedly changing. You get the best of both worlds – a busy, festive, and fun big city with the chance to hit the slopes with your skis. 

This city has so many magical experiences and events for the family this time of year. Plus, there is always a big art scene in the area, biking and hiking trails, historic sites, culturally-diverse foods, and so much more. 

4. Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is located in southern Germany, bringing a fairy-tale feel when it comes to Christmas. Castles, snow-capped mountains, and Christmas markets make it easy to get swept away.  

Take time to enrich yourselves with the culture and history here. You can spend time in the quaint towns, visit Munich, or go skiing in the German Alps. Either way, you are sure to have the most incredible adventure. 

5. Bahamas Christmas Vacation

Another popular tropical spot for the holidays is The Bahamas. Made up of many different islands, you can choose what you are looking for as some are more intimate than others – and some offer more for families. Nassau, for example, has a lot going on, but it has quiet spots of relaxation, too. 

Because the temperatures are so mild here in December, you can still enjoy paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, and more. Dine on fresh seafood, shop at local markets, and experience an authentic Caribbean Christmas

6. Nashville, TN

There is much to do in Nashville during the holiday season. Sure, it is known for its music, happening bars, and the home of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, but it is also a fun spot for the family on Christmas vacation. 

While here, there is no shortage of concerts and other musical performances, shopping, dining, and sites to see, such as Zoolumination at the Nashville Zoo, Tennessee Christmas cruises at General Jackson Showboat, and the holiday lights at Cheekwood. And if you stick around for New Year’s eve, you will find many live entertainment experiences throughout the city. 

In other words, there is so much to do here that you will surely want to spend your entire vacation in this city.

Book Your Christmas Vacation 

Your Christmas vacation is going to start at any moment. So there is no better time to decide where you want to go – and pack your bags. Will it be somewhere sunny and warm? Or somewhere wintry and cold? Wherever you decide to go, make the entire trip a pleasurable one by deciding to fly on a private jet. Traveling commercially during the holidays can lead to many frustrations and headaches, thanks to arriving early at the airport to deal with the crowds and long lines at the TSA checkpoints. Things like lost luggage, getting bumped from flights, long delays, and cancellations add to the miserable experience. 

And this is why you should gift your family the most incredible Christmas vacation. Book your private jet charter and enjoy the convenience of arriving about 20 minutes in advance of your flight, the flexibility to book your flight when you want rather than using pre-planned flight times, and the comfort and luxury that comes with the interior of these private jets. 

From when you arrive at the airport to when you land at your destination, you will enjoy it all – and so will your family. Why not consider it the big red bow on top of the best Christmas present ever?

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