Reducing Stress with Private Jet Travel

Reducing Stress with Private Jet Travel

If you talk to most people, regardless of how much they travel, they likely have at least one story to tell about a horrible flight experience. These stories often involve things like lost luggage, long delays, canceled flights, and unruly passengers.

The list could go on and on, but the thing to remember is that these are things that happen on commercial airliners. 

When it comes to private jet travel, the stories are much, much different. Private travel allows you to relax, be comfortable, and reach your destination in style. 

Overcome the Fear of Flying

Aside from the horror stories, there are individuals who hold off on traveling due to a fear of flying.  

This fear could come from a previous bad experience – or hearing about someone else’s bad experience, turbulence, the fear of heights, the fear of being closed in, the fear of germs, and the fear of small spaces, among other things. 

Sadly, it is estimated that tens of millions of adults in the United States suffer from a fear of flying and avoid it whenever possible because just the thought of it raises stress levels. What they don’t realize, however, is that traveling without fear – and stress – is possible. 

Flying on a private jet means you have the capability to overcome any fears and instead, sit back and relax. There are no other passengers (unless you bring them with you) which means you can move about freely, close your eyes and meditate, sing a song, sketch a picture, watch a movie, or whatever else you can find to do that will distract you. 

With a private jet, you no longer have to stress yourself out with flying due to your fears. Rather, you can enjoy the flight each and every time. This is a much different experience than you find with commercial travel. 

Let’s take a look at the ease of private flights. 

The Ease of Flying Private

When you fly on a private jet, you fly with ease. You don’t have any added stress nor do you have to face any hassle. Instead, it is smooth sailing. Well, sailing amongst the clouds. 

So, what makes flying on a private jet so comfortable? There are so many things that can contribute, including: 

Greater Flexibility. A private jet runs on your schedule – not the other way around. This can greatly reduce the amount of stress that comes with flying. There are no pre-set times and routes that you have to choose from. Rather, you can decide when you want to travel. For those with meetings, appointments, or other obligations, this stress-free way to travel means doing so when the time is right for you.

Spend Less Time Waiting. If you are someone who has a busy life or who has a lot of people depending on you, being tied up for hours can be aggravating. And stressful. Commercial airliners will have you sitting for hours doing nothing but waiting. Waiting to check your luggage. Waiting to get through a TSA security checkpoint. Waiting for the plane to arrive. Waiting, waiting, waiting. 

With private jet travel, there is no waiting. You will quickly go through a security checkpoint, check-in, and head out to your jet. All of this takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Maybe even less. So you do not have to worry about giving up so much of your precious time just because you are traveling. 

In-flight Connectivity. For some, the idea of being out of touch with those on the ground can make going up in the air a bit stressful. But with a private jet, you can confidently count on staying connected throughout your flight. This will ease the burden of flying and bring you a sense of relief. 

More Legroom. It seems like a really small favor to ask, but having legroom is so important when it comes to your comfort level. It does not matter if you are traveling for minutes or hours, having to sit uncomfortably without being able to stretch out your legs is not what anyone wants. 

On a private jet, you get more legroom. You don’t have to stress about feeling stuck or not being able to move your legs freely. Then, when you arrive at your destination, you shouldn’t have any leg or back pains from sitting in an awkward position for so long. 

High Safety Record. If you have ever been on a commercial airline that had mechanical issues, then you know how quickly your stress level can skyrocket – even if you are told to de-plane and board another jet. There are so many flights in and out of major airports that it is normal to question just how well they are maintained. For someone with a bit of fear, this could make air travel a no-go or, at the very least, a very stressful situation. 

Private jets come with a high safety record. When you choose to fly out of an FBO that utilizes top-notch aviation maintenance technicians, then you can feel good about flying on a jet that is cared for.

What’s more, the flight crew out of these well-respected locations are going to come with a high level of training and maintain an excellent safety record, too. 

Customized Experience. If you are feeling stressed about your travel, sometimes it helps to have things with you that bring relaxation. With private travel, you will have the ability to request certain amenities when booking your flight. Whether it is a certain beverage or sweet treat, a pillow and blanket, or a chance to watch your favorite movie, talk to your concierge team so that you have everything you need when you fly. 

Stress-Free Private Travel with Sun Air Jets

At Sun Air Jets, we understand just how stressful air travel can be for some travelers. It doesn’t matter if it comes from a fear of flying, the act of traveling, or feeling stuck away from normal surroundings – stress never feels good. 

Private travel with us is a world-class experience. You will be engulfed with comfort from the moment you board your jet – and you will always arrive in style. 

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