11 Reasons Your Family Should Travel by Private Jet

travel by private jet

It is often the case that while a vacation or trip should be relaxing, getting to your destination is not. A trip through the airport and a regular commercial flight with family can be a stressful experience. You’ll find flying private an altogether different experience. Today, we will show you 11 reasons why your family should travel by private jet. 

We are certain that, once you have tried it, you’ll realize it is the only way to travel.

1. Flying Private is A More Pleasant Experience

All in all, flying private is an easy experience. Because the aircraft is yours and yours alone, you’ll find that traveling is so much easier. This is true in almost every sense.

There’s no need to worry about missed connections, delays, or an arduous check-in process. In short, you turn up and are on your way in the minimal possible time. 

You and your family will be greeted as valued customers, not ‘one of the crowd’ when you arrive.

2. You Depart and Arrive Quicker

Flying private is a world apart from your normal airport experience. There is no arrival at the gate two hours before your flight departs. No lines. No weighing of bags. And absolutely no fuss. Usually, boarding your very own aircraft from getting to the terminal takes minutes, literally.

What’s more, because private jets can access smaller, more local airports, you arrive closer to your final destination, minimizing the journey time even further. 

3. Better Onboard Entertainment

It’s an unavoidable fact that younger travelers get bored quite quickly. The good news is that most modern private jet aircraft have great inflight entertainment systems. And unlike ‘regular’ commercial flights, as the sole occupants, you get to choose what is shown on the inflight system.

As an additional bonus, you’ll tend to find that most jets also come with multiple screens, so all family members can watch something that they find entertaining to pass the time as you fly towards your destination.  

You can see the onboard entertainment options on Sun Air Jets aircraft here.

4. Quality Time

When flying private, you are free of the arbitrary seating rules that often accompany regular air travel. You will all be able to sit together in a wonderful shared experience. 

For many, the opportunity to spend private quality time with their family makes the trip, and it starts as soon as your board.

5. You Choose the Times

It is often the case that different family members are ‘at their best’ at different times of the day. Younger travelers, in particular, are not always the biggest fans of traveling when tired. Furthermore, there can often be a disappointment if the last day of vacation is cut short due to rigid flight schedules.

Flying private allows you to choose when you depart and arrive, meaning that everyone can get the most out of their trip and enjoy it to the fullest. 

6. You Choose the Destination

Different family members often have different ideas about where it would be fun to visit. 

Often, when flying using regular commercial services, you have to work around the airline’s schedules, destinations, and your family’s own requirements.

With flying privately, it is different. 

You and your family can choose exactly where you want to go, meaning no compromises or workarounds are necessary. With your own private aircraft, you can be really specific in your choice of destination.

7. No Other Guests

Traveling with children can often be a stressful experience. Not only do you have to manage their behavior for your own sake, but for that of other travelers too. When flying private, this is not an issue. 

Traveling with family via private jet allows everyone to relax and be themselves, allowing you to completely free yourself from worrying about other passengers. It is as easy as a shared family car journey. 

8. Hassle-Free Check-in

Long lines, bags, and frayed tempers are all things that may have characterized your previous airport experiences. 

Flying private couldn’t be more different. Check-in is quick, effortless and there are certainly no long lines. 

Once you have completed a quick check-in, you’ll be able to enjoy a private lounge in utter comfort where you and your family can relax and look forward to your adventure. 

9. It’s Tailored to Your Requirements

One of the great things about flying private on your own personal aircraft is that the flight is uniquely tailored to your family’s needs. 

Whether a family member has dietary requirements, a preference for a certain type of wine, or wants to enjoy the flight relatively in relative quiet, it can all be arranged. With personal catering onboard and crew that are professional, friendly, and highly trained in treating customers as individuals, you can expect a flight that is bespoke to your needs.  

10. Onward Transport

Long journeys don’t end at the airport for many thousands of travelers. Often there is a requirement for further onward travel once the flight has finished. This can be extremely trying, especially if the flight has been long.

When flying private with family, good private jet companies can offer the option to arrange onward transport as soon as you exit the aircraft. There is no bustling baggage carousels and absolutely no stress. Step off the aircraft, and you and your family are taken directly to your final destination. Stress-free.

11. Little Ones can Meet the Pilots!

For many young children, aviation is a magical world full of mystery. The good news is that it is highly likely that they will be able to meet the pilots of their aircraft and visit the cockpit. This alone makes the trip for younger travelers!

Flying private is an entirely different experience from regular commercial air travel. It is a refreshing change that will breathe new life and excitement into your family trips. Sun Air Jets are experts in providing bespoke private jet experiences for guests traveling with their families. For more information, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

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