The Many Types of Luxury Private Jets

luxury private jets

If you have been looking at luxury private jets, you might find yourself a little perplexed. There’s actually a huge range and variety, and different aircraft are suited for different roles. Private jets don’t just refer to small aircraft either. There are some that seat a surprising number of people. 

Here are the many types of luxury private jets.

Types of Luxury Private Jets

Just as with any form of transport, different aircraft have different options and capabilities. You wouldn’t want to cross an ocean in a tiny sailboat, would you? Well, the same principle applies when looking at private jets.

Some private jets are built with a singular purpose in mind. They might be designed to carry a lot of people a long way. Conversely, they may offer much more room for cargo or be specifically certified to land in certain restricted airports.

There are numerous reasons why jets come in different shapes and sizes. Some obvious and some not so obvious. Let’s take a look at a few areas where luxury private jets differ.

What Factors Affect the Size of Private Aircraft Available?

Number of seats

This is one of the more obvious reasons why private jets differ in size. Obviously, if you want to take more passengers, you need to have more seats!

No concessions or lower fares for standing passengers on a private jet! Sorry!


Not every operator seeks to cram its larger jets full of seats. Often one of the nice things about private jet travel is the feeling of space and luxury. Operators may choose to create ‘rooms’ onboard their aircraft or have an area where passengers can lie down.


The distance that an aircraft can travel depends on its endurance. Often, fuel is stored in the wings. The larger the wing, the greater the endurance, and the further passengers can travel in a  single hop!

Smaller jets may make a tactical fuel stop. However, this isn’t always an option when flying trans-oceanic routes.


Some clients need to get places fast! Speed is of the essence. Fortunately, many of the world’s fastest passenger airplanes are business jets. They also can fly higher than commercial airliners, meaning they can fly point to point with less input from air traffic control.

Onboard facilities

Some luxury private jets are designed to fly from point to point quickly. They are great for the city-to-city hops and are a popular choice for business travelers who don’t have a minute to waste.

While this is a relatively simple way to travel privately, smaller aircraft may have fewer facilities. 


While luxury private jets aren’t ever really associated with being ‘cheap’, the cost can vary significantly depending on the size of the aircraft, the specification, and other factors, such as fuel consumption.

Examples of Types of Private Jets

Let’s work our way down from the larger private luxury jets down to some smaller types: –

Large Luxury Private Jets

Aside from repurposed or custom-built commercial airliners, these aircraft tend to be the biggest available for private use.

Types like the Embraer Lineage 1000 and Bombardier Global Express can accommodate quite a few people on board (in fact, it’s up to 19 on the Embraer). These aircraft tend to be fitted to a very high standard and even have dedicated sleeping areas and plenty of onboard facilities. 

The range is also really impressive. The Bombardier Global can fly a range of over 7500 nautical miles, with the ability to connect most of the world’s major cities in a short time.

Midsize Private Jets

Midsize private jets often offer many of the same luxuries as the larger aircraft but with significant cost savings. 

While they can be utilized internationally, they are traditionally employed for long-range city-to-city hops. Obviously, there is slightly less room due to the reduced size, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a reduction in the onboard amenities. Aircraft like the Gulfstream G500 can comfortably seat 16 passengers, of which 9 can sleep at any given time. 

The Gulfstream is also a fast aircraft, comfort and reduced traveling time? Sounds ideal!

If a 16-seat aircraft is still too large, then there are, of course, other options. A popular choice of business jet, and internationally recognized, is the Dassault Falcon 2000

Dassault themselves advertise this aircraft as a ‘big cabin jet, without big cabin costs’. It is also capable of trans-Atlantic travel.

Light Luxury Private Jets

For those traveling in a smaller party, a jet seating 16 people might be a little too much. Again, there are other jets that will fit perfectly. The citation X is one of the world’s fastest civilian aircraft. With a total of 8 seats and room to sleep 2 people, it is optimal for a single-family traveling, with room to spare!

The range of the aircraft is around 3100 nautical miles. Although it is a light jet, it features a surprising amount of hold space.

Another example of a light private jet is the Hawker 800XP. This aircraft has slightly less baggage space but still has plenty of onboard facilities.

Very Light Jets

Very light jets are extremely useful if you want to get places fast. You’ll often hear them referred to as ‘microjets’. They can often have a vastly reduced range compared to other private luxury jets. The HondaJet’s maximum range is around 1500 nautical miles. However, it boasts a phenomenal cruise speed for an aircraft of its size, 486mph!

Due to their small size, very light jets don’t tend to have many amenities or onboard facilities. However, due to the reduced seating inside (normally they have around 4 seats), there is still plenty of room, and they are surprisingly comfortable! 

We have shown you some examples of luxury private jets and given you an idea of their capabilities and roles. Hopefully, you’ll be able to have a good idea of what could be suitable. If you have questions about chartering private luxury jets, Sun Air Jets would be happy to assist you and answer any questions. Why not contact us today?

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