How Sun Air Jets Ensures Flight Safety

How Sun Air Jets Ensures Flight Safety - Sun Air Jets

Millions of people travel via commercial airliner or private jet every single day. For some, flying through the sky is second nature because they spend much of their time in the air. A common concern is flight safety for those who don’t fly often. For many others, flights often come with a head full of thoughts and worries. 

  • Did I pack everything? 
  • What did I forget? 
  • Do I have my travel documents?
  • Will I be on time for my flight? 

Then, there are always those who worry about whether the aircraft can fly safely – or if the pilot is adequately trained and well-rested. 

We get it. And while we cannot instantly erase any fears or worries regarding air travel, we can provide a level of service that allows you to feel confident in the flight safety and security you receive with Sun Air Jets.

What Impacts Flight Safety?

Several different factors impact a flight’s level of safety. One, for instance, is the maintenance of the jet. An increased risk of flying comes when jets are not properly repaired and maintained as they should be. Two, having a top-notch pilot is another essential part of maintaining safety while flying. And finally, thanks to the global pandemic, thoroughly sanitizing the airplane is necessary for passengers to feel good about the space around them while onboard a private jet. 

Let’s take a closer look at how Sun Air Jets ensures flight safety for all its passengers. 

Top-Notch Flight Safety and Security

Before you board your jet, do you know how well it has been maintained? Were there any repairs done on it? Did it pass its last inspection? Was its latest maintenance performed by someone certified and authorized to do so? 

As a passenger, you never know the level of safety considered for the jet you are about to fly on. But knowing that you have a team of experts operating one of the nation’s safest-rated private jet fleets, you can find comfort. 

At Sun Air Jets, our aircraft maintenance department has FAA oversight. We are a Part 145 certified repair station and have achieved all four major industry safety standards. Our technicians are factory-trained on Bombardier, Gulfstream, Hawker, Dassault Falcon, and Cessna airframes, as well as Honeywell, Rolls-Royce, and Pratt & Whitney engines – with regular maintenance training every two years. 

Superlative Pilots

When you ride in the car while someone else is driving, you are putting that trust in someone else. Most of the time, drivers had to pass an easy driving test at their local DMV. So when was the last time you thought about your Uber driver’s qualifications, for instance? 

When flying, you put the same trust in your pilots. The good news is that when you choose to pass on a private jet managed by Sun Air Jets, you have a team that is as skilled in customer service as they are in flying their jets. They have met a high bar of mandatory qualifications – and then some. 

Moreover, the flight crews are trained with CAE Flight Safety every six months and are subject to FAA/DOT drug testing program, pilot records check, background check, fingerprinting, and driver’s records check.

Again, when you choose to fly with a top-rated private jet management and charter company, you should expect the best pilots and flight crew. And that’s what you get. 

Elite Flight Safety And Sanitization Standards

Safety doesn’t just refer to the jet or the crew but can refer to keeping yourself healthy and safe. 

None of us ever expected that we would be facing a global pandemic. But it happened. And because of just how easily COVID-19 can be spread from person to person, many people left commercial air travel and turned to private jet charters to stay safe. 

Sun Air Jets did not – and does not – disappoint. Risk-averse steps were taken to safeguard the health and safety of guests and employees. The crew’s health is monitored, and aircraft are cleaned and sanitized using strict protocols. This is the best way to continue air travel while keeping everyone as safe as possible. 

Flight Safety With Sun Air Jets

When you feel comfortable with the safety and security standards set by a highly reputable company like Sun Air Jets, you can let your guard down and enjoy your flight. And that means taking advantage of all the perks of private air travel. 

Greater flexibility

With private jets, there are no preset flight times. You can choose when you want to travel and when you don’t; if you would like to leave first thing in the morning, excellent if you’d like to go right after work, perfect. No problem if you get held up in a meeting and run a few minutes behind. This allows you to have a more enjoyable experience. 

Luxurious accommodations

From the moment you step on a private jet, you experience the comfort and luxury of private jets in this manner. Even business class and first class can’t compete. 

Save time

Show up when it is time for your flight! Private travel involves no long lines at TSA security checkpoints, early arrivals at the airport, and so forth.

Access to FBOs

Much like the incredible FBO at Camarillo Airport, you can land at FBOs throughout the country – and the world. And this rewards you with all kinds of amenities. 


Privacy is to be expected. You have to enjoy your flight with all the privacy you need. 

Large Fleet

Regardless of how many passengers you have and how far you are traveling, you have a large fleet with wide-ranging options when you choose Sun Air Jets. That means you get the perfect flight experience every single time. 

There are many reasons to fly private – these are just a few. If you are looking for world-class personal travel that ensures flight safety, we are here – Sun Air Jets

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