How Many Seats Does a Private Jet Have?

how many seats does a private jet have

Are you considering a flight on a private jet? Do you have multiple people traveling with you and want to see if booking a private jet charter will hold your entire party? 

Private jets, in general, can hold a couple of passengers or many passengers – but it depends on the type of jet you choose. After all, private jets are not created equal. Let’s say that again – private jets are not created equal

There are varying types and sizes that will impact the number of seats a private jet will have.  Even two jets that are the same model can hold a different number of passengers due to remodels of the interior. 

Before booking your private jet, it is important to know just how many travelers you are bringing along so that you can select a jet that will be able to accommodate everyone comfortably. 

Flying on a Private Jet

You do not purchase individual tickets when you book a private jet. For instance, if you have multiple people traveling with you, each of those passengers will not have their own ticket. Rather, you are booking the jet. This means whether you are flying solo or you are traveling with 4 others or 8 others, the cost of the flight will be the same. 

Many who choose to travel via a private jet as a group will split the cost, making it more affordable for everyone involved. 

So, how does the cost compare to the seating capacity of a private jet? 

The size of a jet will typically coincide with how many passengers it can hold. For instance, the larger the jet, the greater number of seats available. And it is not uncommon for larger jets to be more costly than smaller jets. Keep in mind, however, that there are many factors taken into consideration when it comes to pricing. 

Types of Private Jets and Seating Capacity

Because there are so many different types of private jets available, let’s take a look at the seating capacity of each. 

  • Very Light Jets. Very light jets are the smallest type of private jet so they are not the best option if you are taking a whole crew with you. On average, they can accommodate between 4 and 7 passengers. 
  • Small Light Jets. A size larger in capacity, these jets can carry between 6 and 8 passengers on average. 
  • Super Light Jets. Superlight jets can also hold between 6 and 8 passengers on average as well though some hold up to 11 passengers. These jets are larger in size which means that all those on board can move around freely. 
  • Midsize Cabin Jets. Traveling greater distances or with an average of 5 to 10 passengers, midsize jets are very comfortable. In addition to the passengers and pilots, these jets often have a flight attendant on board, too. 
  • Super Midsize Cabin Jets. A larger cabin means more space for seating and more space to move around freely. Super midsize jets can often hold up to 12 people – or more. 
  • Heavy Jets. Heavy jets are one of the largest private jets available, holding up to 19 passengers – even more. 
  • Ultra Long Range Heavy Jets. For those looking to go the distance, ultra-long-range heavy jets hold up to 19 people or more. And they provide lots of room, too. 
  • Jumbo Jets. The largest type of private jet, often referred to as an executive liner, is large and can hold up to about 48 passengers 

Chartering a Private Jet

When chartering a private jet, one of the first things you will need to know is how many passengers will be traveling with you. Of course, you will work with a team who will be able to guide you to the right jet for your needs, but it is always helpful to have an idea of what is available and what may work for your situation. This applies to whether you are traveling alone or with others. 

Below is a closer look at the specific private jets and how many seats they have. 

  • Hawker 800 XP: This private jet holds up to 8 passengers comfortably.
  • Hawker 900 XP: This private just also has enough luxury seating for up to 8 passengers. 
  • Citation X: If you are looking for a jet that holds up to 8 passengers, but can also transition for 2 to sleep, then this is a great option. 
  • Gulfstream G200: Need a little extra room? The Gulfstream G200 seats 10 passengers comfortably.  
  • Challenger 605: The Challenger 605 not only has room for 10 passengers to sit back and relax, but it can transition for sleep – and accommodate 5 people. 
  • Gulfstream GIV-SP: As mentioned above, as jets are remodeled, they are designed with different decor and seating arrangements. This Gulfstream GIV-SP can easily provide seating for 13 to 16 passengers as well as transition to sleep 6, depending on the specific jet. 
  • Gulfstream G450: Another jet that offers room for between 14 and 16 passengers as well as provides the ability to sleep while on board is the Gulfstream G450.
  • Gulfstream G500: The biggest so far, this Gulfstream G500 can hold up to 16 passengers with plenty of room to spare. For those looking to nap while on board, the Gulfstream G500 has sleeping space for 9 passengers. 
  • Global Express: The stunning Global Express offers plenty of space for 12 passengers to move about with ease – or for 6 to sleep. 

The Fleet of Private Jets at Sun Air Jets

Are you ready to book your private jet charter? How many people will be traveling with you? Once you know this number, Sun Air Jets can direct you to the private jet that will provide you with everything you are looking for. 

Remember, flying on a private jet is more than just about space or seating. There are so many jets to choose from, with many different experiences and inflight amenities. And there is sure to be one just waiting for you. 

Book now. Or contact us today. 

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