Full Revenue Sharing For Private Jet Management

Full Revenue Sharing For Private Jet Management - Sun Air Jets

The cost of owning a private jet is relatively high. Just as with a car, the moment you purchase your private plane, it begins to depreciate. This can be a bit disheartening since it comes with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, you can benefit from all the perks of a private jet while getting a little help on the side – and that’s with entire revenue sharing with a private jet management company. 

Understanding Full Revenue Sharing

Purchasing a private jet differs slightly from investing in a home or a car. Hopefully, you will not be living in your private plane (hopefully), and you won’t be taking it out to run all your errands, like grabbing coffee, picking up some groceries, heading to a doctor’s appointment, and so on. 

Your significant investment will likely be on the ground more than in the air. As a result, you will be spending a lot of money for your jet to sit still. 

Working with a private jet management company, you can take advantage of charter revenue – and receive that revenue with full revenue sharing agreements. For instance, you will receive the revenue, including unflown charter hours, cancellation fees, minimum daily charges, and empty leg revenue. This bonus revenue can help to improve charter profitability.

This will allow you to maximize the efficiency of your jet to offset your operating costs. 

Why Do Private Jet Owners Offer Charters? 

Hangar storage alone can be costly, let alone the routine care your jet needs – the cost of the technicians to handle it. Plus, there are costs for insurance, inspection fees, crew training and certification, and many other fees associated with keeping your jet in good working order – and in compliance. Of course, when you decide to take a trip, you will also need to cover the cost of flight crews. That last line above – the one about offsetting operating expenses – is one of the primary reasons most private jet owners decide to allow their jets to be used as charters. 

These costs can add up quickly. And even if you only use the jet once weekly or so, you are paying out a lot. So, why not allow others to take advantage of it and subsidize the cost? There comes the point where every private jet owner considers taking this step.

If you partner with the right private jet management company, they will handle all aspects of your charter, so you won’t have to worry. That includes everything from storing and maintaining the jet to booking, planning, and more. Here is a list of what they do – yet this list is still not exhaustive because they do so much. 

  • Securing and training the flight crew
  • Securing certified/licensed aviation maintenance technicians
  • Fuel purchase and invoicing
  • Certifications and licenses needed for compliance 
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and restocking after each flight

With private charters, you know your is in good hands and will be protected. And when you need to take a flight, it will be available. When you don’t – you can bring in the revenue from your private jet charter

For many jet owners, this intelligent business decision makes sense. 

Importance for Private Jet Management

So full revenue sharing is beneficial to the jet owner, but why is it so crucial for private jet management? It allows the private jet management company to access the jet for chartering services. In other words, they provide everything necessary to maintain and care for the private plane, and, in turn, they can use it for chartering. This means income for them, too. 

As a bonus, this revenue from the charter can benefit all parties involved. 

Most private jet management companies have the network and connections to get the ball rolling on charter services with highly trained flight crews. They always have high-quality mechanics handling routine maintenance and repairs on the jets stored at their facilities. 

Seeing these assets sit and not be used by owners of private jet management companies seems like a waste. Putting them in the air through chartering is an intelligent business decision on their end, just as it is for jet owners. 

Taking Advantage of Full Revenue Sharing

Taking advantage of full revenue sharing for private jet owners makes sense. The demand for private jet charters is up – and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. That means there is plenty of opportunity for those private jet owners looking to offset costs. 

Working with a trusted management company can give you a high level of confidence in your decision. And remember, even if a charter flight cancels, you still get total revenue. 

Sun Air Jets Full Revenue Sharing

Suppose you have invested in a private jet charter, congratulations. You will have some fantastic experiences with it, no doubt. But when you are not, partner up for full revenue sharing. Generating revenue from private jet charters is only as good as the partnered management company. With Sun Air Jets, private jet owners are compensated immensely for using their jets for charters. We make the process seamless and easy – ensuring your jet is available when needed. 

We pay on all revenue, as we discussed above. But that’s not all. We also offer detailed financial reporting to know where you stand. This includes states with all supporting invoice records broken down into specific codes, such as fuel, handling, ramp fees, etc. 

You also benefit from our asset management expertise, sales tax refunds and consulting, income and property tax consulting, no off-site fuel or maintenance markups, personnel management services, and more. Your private jet was born to fly. Don’t let it sit idly by until you are ready to retake a trip. Instead, take advantage of charter services and full revenue sharing. Learn more today!

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