Frequently Asked Questions About Flying Private

Frequently Asked Questions About Flying Private - Sun Air Jets

Congratulations on deciding to fly private. Your decision means you are in for an incredible, luxurious flying experience, unlike anything you have ever experienced before in air travel. Of course, it also means that you probably have many questions. 

Relax. Traveling on a private jet is much different than your typical commercial air travel – which can be scary. But we’ve got you covered. We understand that you have questions, so we’ve got the answers. That way, when it comes time to soar in the friendly skies, you will know just what to expect and can enjoy the experience. 

Will I Have to Travel Through a Major Airport?

When you travel on a private jet, you often do so through smaller, private airports known as FBOs. These are often much less congested – with traffic and people – making them a much more convenient and pleasant experience. 

You can permanently part and walk into the FBO, but you can usually drive right up to your private jet when it is time for your flight. Pretty convenient, right? 

Should you go inside the airport or arrive a little early, you will be pleasantly surprised to see comfortable seating, lounge areas, refreshments, and many other amenities. 

How Early Do I Need to Arrive For My Flight?

You may be used to arriving for your commercial flight at least two hours in advance. Maybe even three if you travel internationally. If so, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that you don’t have to show up all that early for your private jet charter. 

You should arrive up to 20 minutes before your scheduled flight. This will allow a few minutes to get things in order, such as handling your baggage, performing final checks, etc. 

You will have some flexibility when arriving for your flight – after all, you are the only passenger. But your crew will be waiting for you, so you want to be considerate. Plus, you may have someone else waiting to take a flight on your jet in your destination city. 

If you do find yourself running behind schedule, be sure to call and let someone know. Keep in mind that you may face additional charges after a specific time. 

How is the Inside of the Cabin Different From a Commercial Airliner?

When you step on board a commercial airliner, you see nothing but a narrow aisle and a ton of seats. You have one assigned seat and sit elbow to elbow with the stranger. The amenities you get on board are often minimal at best. 

This is not the case when you climb on board a private jet. 

First, there are no assigned seats. Just seats, and comfortable ones, at that. They are often arranged club style, where they are facing one another. Some have a couch, as well. And these seats may even lay flat or turn into a bed. 

You often get amenities like a complete vanity lavatory, wi-fi, power outlets, entertainment systems, and more. Forget the small tray tables, as you will find large fold-out tables on private jets. This makes it much easier to dine, get some work done, or play a game with those traveling with you. 

The best part is that it is private. You don’t have hundreds of other passengers traveling with you. It is your space while you are in the sky – and you can enjoy it how you wish.

How Do I Know What Size Jet I Need For Flying Private?

A few factors go into determining the size jet you need. There are jets of all sizes that hold different numbers of passengers as well as travel various distances. Speaking to the experts is always a good idea to determine which is best for your travel plans. 

Considering where you are traveling, who you are traveling with, the weather conditions, the amount of baggage, what you intend to do onboard your flight, and so on can help narrow down the best choice. 

Will I Be Served a Meal?

Catered meals are generally not provided unless requested. And you usually have a thorough menu from which to order should you decide to dine while in flight. Ordering from local restaurants is often possible, too.

Some flights will have refreshments and snacks on board for your convenience. If this is something important to you, be sure to request it. 

Can My Pet Go OnBoard With Me?

Of course, your pet can come with you! Make it known when booking that you are bringing your pet so you can get on a pet-friendly private jet. Unlike commercial airlines, you may be able to let your pet roam free within the cabin. 

It is important to note that you may incur a pet fee for this flight – though this is not always the case. 

Should I Expect Any Additional Costs While Flying?

Your initial quote is for the flight itself without any extras. It includes the jet, the crew, the field, insurance or airport fees, taxes, and so on. But don’t be surprised, as you may encounter costs that were not part of your initial quote. Often these come with unforeseen circumstances, such as fees associated with weather issues, such as de-icing, inflight phone charges, meal catering, etc. 

As for tipping, it is not expected or required, but pilots and flight crew always appreciate it. 

Flying Private With Sun Air Jets

With Sun Air Jets, you get world-class treatment. From when you book your trip until we both say goodbye, Sun Air Jets will take care of you at every step. We want this to be the most enjoyable air travel experience ever. 

If you have questions about flying that were not answered above, feel free to ask us.

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