5 Adventure-Led Summer Travel Destinations

summer travel destinations

Summer travel destinations don’t have to be boring. You don’t have to spend your time visiting family or staring at national monuments. You have access to private jet charters – and that means being able to reach any destination in the world. 

If you have been feeling like something is missing and you need some adventure in your life, the time to embrace it is right now. More and more travelers are focusing on experiences rather than tourist hotspots – and the destinations are ready for it. 

There are so many adventure-led summer travel destinations just waiting for you to arrive – where will you go? 

Looking For Adventurous Summer Travel Destinations? 

Adventurers are not all created equal. There are those who love to get outdoors and face naturally-occurring phenomena head-on. Then there are those who prefer adding some man-made adventures to the natural surroundings. And, of course, good ol’ exploration takes an adventurous spirit, too. 

What type of adventurer are you? Check out these 5 summer travel destinations and find the one that gives you what you are looking for. 

1. Go Flyboarding and Swim with Sharks in Cancun

Cancun has always been known for its beautiful blue beaches, frosty adult beverages, and thriving nightlife. Dig a little deeper and you will see it has quite a lot for those seeking adventure, too. 

Here you can go flyboarding, with the water propelling you into the air. You can peep down on your surroundings with views few others will have. 

You can also go swimming with the sharks. Whale sharks, that is. Did we mention their mouths open about 5ft? Don’t let the term shark scare you, these creatures are gentle and majestic. 

The best part is you can take advantage of all this city has to offer. You can relax by the beach, live it up at night, and make friends with some of the ocean’s most-feared creatures – all in one trip!

2. Visit Iguazu Falls

Nestled between Argentina and Brazil, you will find the Iguazu Falls. Nearly twice as tall as Niagara Falls, you can enjoy the view from walkways at catwalks all throughout them. But why not view them from below? 

Imagine being in an inflatable raft (or a speed boat) and floating under the 200+ cascades. As the cool spray hits your face, you will soak in the moment. Literally. 

Iguazu is not only breathtaking, but it is a must-see summer travel destination. 

3. Explore Machu Picchu

Many people talk about Machu Picchu, but few ever get there. Don’t let that be you. This infamous Incan citadel can be found in the Andes mountains – and on the edge of the Amazon rainforest. And getting there is an adventure all on its own. That is, assuming you choose to trek it rather than invest in transportation. 

There is a 26-mile Inca Trail that gets you to the top. This enhances the entire experience, making it more enjoyable. This gem has been preserved since the 15th century – and seeing it should be on every adventurer’s bucket list. 

4. Go Sand Surfing in Morocco’s Sahara Desert 

Sand Surfing? But, of course. 

You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy sand surfing. It is more about the adventure. In Morocco, surfing the dunes in the Sahara Desert is a sport. If this adventure is right up your alley, then you can either extend your adventure by camping out in the Sahara or staying within the civilized areas of Morocco and taking in the sights and culture. 

5. Hang Out with Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

There is something so incredible about gorillas in the wild. And it is exciting to see them up close and personal in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. They are gentle and just as curious about you as you are about them. 

While spending time amongst these special giants is an adventure on its own, getting there is an even bigger adventure. 

It is a tough trek to reach the areas they are located, but with the prize in sight, you can do it. Once you do, you may not want to leave. 


Can private jets reach remote areas?

Private jets can reach almost anywhere. And they can surely do it much easier than commercial airliners. With private airports being accessible around the world, you can feel confident that wherever your travel takes you, a private jet can get you there. 

What are some of the most popular activities for adventure travel?

Adventure travel looks different for everyone – and it depends greatly on where you go. However, a few of the most popular activities for adventurers include parasailing, skiing, hiking, surfing, paragliding, ziplining, bungee jumping, scuba diving, and more. Many of these activities can be found around the world. 

What is the extreme adventure capital of the world?

Queenstown New Zealand is known as the adventure capital of the world. With glaciers, rivers, lakes, mountains, valleys, and more – there is always something to do outdoors. Gem mining, rock climbing, hiking, hang gliding, skydiving, and more can be done here with a beautiful backdrop.  

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We are in the heart of the summer – and your time for summer adventure is going to start dwindling. Sun Air Jets’ private jet charters can take you to any of these summer travel destinations. All you have to do is book the flight. 

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The world is full of adventure if you are willing to see it. Sandboarding in the Sahara, swimming with whale sharks in Cancun, witnessing archeological history in Machu Picchu, being splashed by the falls in Iguazu, or spending time with gorillas in Rwanda

The adventure is there. Where are you? 

Contact Sun Air Jets to discuss reaching your summer travel destination today. 

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