A Look at the Beautiful Global Express Jet Interior

global express jet interior

The Global Express jet interior is something that most people want to see, but very few ever will.

For those lucky enough to take the flight, your world of air travel will never feel the same from the moment you step into the cabin. This is luxury travel at its finest. 

This jet offers an extensive amount of comfort and elegance that is unmatched. Although words cannot express the inflight experience on this jet, below you will find everything you ever wanted to know about Global Express jet interior. 

A Look at the Beautiful Global Express Jet Interior

Whether you are traveling to a once-in-a-lifetime vacation destination or you are flying back to the office after a business meeting that went so wrong – there is nothing that this jet cannot make better simply by being plush and welcoming. So, without any further ado, let’s talk about the beautiful Global Express jet interior. 

The Global Express: The Specs

It is always a good idea to get to know your jet before you take your flight. The Global Express jet has a lot to offer, but is it right for you? Here is the breakdown of the specs:

  • This jet can hold up to 12 passengers comfortably – and has room to sleep 6. 
  • The Global Express model is from 2003, but it was freshly remodeled and modernized in 2021.
  • It can travel a distance of 5900 nautical miles before having to stop to refuel. 
  • It has a baggage capacity of 195 cubic feet. 
  • The height inside the cabin reaches nearly 6.3 feet and is roughly 8.2 feet wide. 

In other words, you have plenty of room to move about as you travel far and wide around the globe. 

With such an extensive range of travel, you have a long list of destinations you can reach. For instance, you could easily travel across the U.S. And, you can even leave Los Angeles and travel to places like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Auckland, Lima, Barcelona, Santiago, Beijing, Dublin, Stockholm, Osaka, Madrid, and Venice. And that’s just to name a few. 

The Global Express opens doors. 

Global Express Floor Plan

The Global Express jet interior floor plan can take on various configurations. This allows it to be customized for each party traveling on it, based on their preferences.

The daytime configuration includes club seating, tables, a sofa, and so forth. But the nighttime configuration includes beds made up for your comfort. Because there is a flight attendant onboard the flight with you, this transition can be done mid-flight for your convenience. 

Aircraft Amenities

There are lots of amenities found on the Global Express jet. When it comes to entertainment, you will find three large LED monitors throughout the aircraft and four personal monitors. A Honeywell Ovation Cabin Entertainment System can keep those on board entertained throughout the trip. 

For passengers who have brought their own devices, USB charging power outlets are available at each seat. 

The Global Express jet has a full galley that includes a: 

  • Microwave oven
  • Coffee maker
  • High-temperature oven

Many will be able to enjoy a hot meal while on board – whether that means making it from scratch or heating it up. Refreshments are always available, too. 

As for the lavatory, this jet has two. There is the aft lavatory with full vanity for use by passengers. And, there is a forward lavatory as well, primarily used by the crew. 

It’s pretty clear that the Global Express jet interior has all the comforts of home. 


Do you tip on a private jet? 

While there are no formal rules when it comes to tipping on a private jet, it is customary to tip the crew. Some do so every time they fly whereas others do it at the end of their trip. And others choose not to tip at all. Again, a tip is always welcome but not mandatory. 

Can you drink on a private jet? 

Yes, you are allowed to drink on a private jet – both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. It is customary for the charter or jet management company to provide refreshments for the flight. And if you have a preference for food or beverage, you may request it when booking. Most private jets will allow you to bring your own alcohol onboard. 

Can you have a shower on a private jet? 

It depends on the jet. Some jets have lavatories that are equipped with a shower while others do not. This is often something you will find on larger, long-range jets – especially those that have multiple bathrooms and, of course, full plumbing systems. 

Charter the Global Express Jet

If you have an upcoming vacation or quick getaway planned, why not use it as an opportunity to get up and personal with the Global Express jet? 

At Sun Air Jets we have a large fleet of charter jets available for our clients – and that includes this luxurious and stunning aircraft. Whether it is all the extra space you are after, its long-range capabilities, or its beautiful surroundings, there is something about the Global Express that sets it apart from every other private jet. You just have to experience it for yourself. 

Contact us today to learn more. Or, book now


When you travel, you have two choices. You can either waste your travel days or make the most of them. Booking your trip on the Global Express jet will definitely make your air travel feel like a vacation of its own. 

This jet is incredibly spacious with so many amenities. And from the entertainment system to a full galley – and everything in between – you are sure to enjoy it all. 

Once you have seen the Global Express interior, it is going to be tough to travel any other way. 

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