Private Jet vs. First Class: A Detailed Comparison

private jet vs first class onboarding

Before you book your next flight, there are a few things to consider. You are looking for comfort, luxury, and class. And, amongst a few other things, you would like some amenities and a personalized experience, too. One thing’s for sure — you don’t want to fly coach.

Are you able to find these things in first class on a commercial airliner? Do you need to look into charter jets? 

When it comes to private jet vs. first class, we have your detailed comparison. 

Private Jet vs. First Class: Booking Travel

A major difference between flying private and first class is booking your ticket. 

When you need to book a private jet charter, you simply call up your selected charter company and let them know your travel time, your destination, the number of passengers, and whether or not you have a preference as to which jet in the fleet you’d like to charter. 

When you fly first class you may get some special treatment along the way but choosing your jet and travel times is not one of them. You are still flying commercial – and still subject to flying their pre-set flights. You can’t call them up and let them know what time you would like to leave and where you would like to travel. You may book a first-class ticket, but there are hundreds of other passengers who booked a ticket on the same flight. 

Private Jet vs. First Class: Airports

Traveling via a private jet vs first class can land you at different airports. Literally. For instance, due to their size, private jets can often fly where most commercial jets cannot. They can avoid traveling through major airports and dealing with the hustle and bustle of large cities and instead fly into smaller, private airports. They may even be able to get you closer to your destination. 

Private airports or FBOs can come equipped with some luxurious amenities, business centers, comfortable seating, refreshments, and a concierge team to help you with anything you need. 

First-class flights often arrive and depart from larger, major airports as many of these airliners are too large to take advantage of the smaller airports.

Private Jet vs. First Class: Arriving For Your Flight

How early do you need to arrive for your flight? Well, if you have a first-class seat on a commercial aircraft, you will need to abide by their recommended guidelines for arrival. This usually means arriving two hours in advance for domestic flights and three hours in advance for international flights. 

You may have a pass to check in and get through security a bit faster, but it doesn’t always mean you will be able to arrive within a shorter timeframe and still make it on your flight. 

On the other hand, with private jets, you simply need to arrive about 15 to 20 minutes before takeoff. This will allow your flight crew to take care of any last-minute checks so that you can depart right on schedule. 

If you are running a few minutes behind, for one reason or another, simply call ahead and let the charter team know. Try doing that with your first-class ticket on a commercial flight. 

Private Jet vs. First Class: Baggage

Speaking of traveling through different airports — what happens to your luggage? First-class passengers will still have to adhere to the luggage policy set by the commercial airliner. This may limit the number of bags and carryons, as well as limit weight, too. Anything in addition to what is allowed may cost extra. 

Luggage on a private jet is an entirely different experience. You are able to take as many bags as you would like without restriction — and as long as it doesn’t go above the jet’s weight limit. Any size or oddly shaped items can fit, too. 

The baggage on a private jet fits right inside the cabin.

Private Jet vs. First Class: Onboard Experience

king air aircraft interiorOnce you step onto a private jet you will be instantly surrounded with luxury. Everything is spread out, often with different options for sitting and sleeping. Plus, you get to choose your seat and move around the cabin as much as you’d like. 

Depending on the private jet itself, you may have a lavatory or two and a galley that may come with anything from a coffee pot and snacks to an oven with a fully-cooked meal. Nearly all come with entertainment systems and Wi-Fi connectivity. And, if you’re tired, you may even find a bed. 

Private travel is luxurious. It is supposed to wrap you up and provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. 

Flying first class means getting a bigger seat and probably more legroom. If you are on the right flight, you may even have a seat that allows you to stretch out with a little bit of privacy. You also have access to gourmet snacks and free drinks, too. 

Privacy is definite on a private flight, but not so much on a commercial first-class flight. This can be a deciding factor for those who are looking for solitude. 

Private Jet vs First Class: Price Comparison

So, how does the private jet vs. first class comparison line up when it comes to price? It is important to remember that with one, you are simply renting a seat. With the other, you are renting the entire jet. 

There is going to be a price difference. 

When you have multiple people traveling first class, the cost savings may actually begin to flip to a private jet becoming the more affordable option. 

Fly Private with Sun Air Jets

Everything about flying private is more comfortable, more convenient, and more enjoyable. All the perks available with a charter jet provide you with a better overall experience than any other option – including flying first class. 

If you are ready to book a flight and want to get the most out of your travel adventure, Sun Air Jets has a fleet of charter jets just waiting for you. 

Contact us today to learn more – and book your flight. 

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