How to Plan a Private Jet Vacation

How to Plan a Private Jet Vacation - Sun Air Jets

What does it look like when you daydream at the office about going on a vacation? Do you see yourself whisked away into a new world where there are no emails to reply to, no phone calls to answer, and no appointments or deadlines to make? You have pure relaxation, serenity, and joy. The good news is you can fulfill these dreams through a private jet vacation.

Unfortunately, no matter how good this vacation may seem in your daydreams, booking a commercial flight to get there can start it all off on the wrong foot. You will encounter long lines at check-in and even longer lines at the TSA security checkpoints. Then once you arrive at the gate, you have to sit with the hundreds of others waiting to board your plane because you all had to come at least a couple of hours in advance. In all of this, that much-needed serene getaway begins to look more like a chore than an actual vacation. 

Plan your vacation right – plant a private jet vacation. Here’s how to do it. 

Choose the Right Private Jet Vacation Charter

The scenario above shows you how much influence your travel choices have on your overall trip. And for that reason, choosing a private jet charter company known to provide exceptional service is the way to go. 

Remember, when you book a private flight, you can access a fleet of jets that commercial travelers have never experienced. So your private jet charter company should have a network that can quickly get you to and from your destination. Discuss your trip, your passengers, and any specific requirements – let them handle the rest. And if you prefer a particular size or type of jet, feel free to make a request from the private charter fleet

Don’t worry if this is all new to you. It is understandable if you aren’t sure about flying on a private jet or you are not sure what to do with the entire experience in general. Making that phone call to a private jet charter company is the first step, and it can open you up to a team of experienced individuals who are just waiting to help you transform your vacation. Besides, you aren’t alone. Many people have never flown on a private jet before. If this is your first time flying private, connecting with top-notch charter services is essential to have the best experience possible. 

Be Flexible With Your Travel

Life can get busy; we get it. Vacation preparation can make the last day at the office extremely hectic. When you are flexible and use a sliding departure window, you don’t have to feel tied down by strict time constraints. For instance, if you had to clear up something at the office and got stuck in traffic getting to the airport on a commercial flight, good luck having them hold your flight for you. You may have to reorganize your entire vacation!

With the right private jet charter company, you can take care of what you need to and communicate with your flight team when you will be ready to go. That way, they are prepared for you when you arrive at the airport – and you can get there when you are ready. 

Private Jet Vacation: Open Flight Communication

We know it is probably weird picking up the phone to talk to the flight team about your flight – as if you owned the jet or something. But that’s how it works. Could you imagine doing this with a commercial airliner? Never. 

Ask any time you have changes, needs, preferences, requests, etc. And this goes for everything. 

  • Changes to flight times as we discussed above. 
  • Changes or questions about your destination airport – or the departure location. 
  • Concerns about the amount or size of luggage you can bring on your flight. 
  • Provide details about your guests and ask any questions you may have about their safety or accommodations while traveling. 

If there is any food you would like to eat, catering you would like to see on board, snacks, drinks, and so forth, ask. Your private jet charter company is there to provide you with everything that can make your trip successful. So if that means having a bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans and lime-flavored Perrier on board when you arrive, then it will be there.  

It is important to note that not every private jet charter company ranks the same – so be sure to do your research before you book. Otherwise, you may find yourself sorely disappointed. 

Let Yourself Relax

The private jet experience is supposed to be luxury and relaxation. You should feel like you are taken care of during the trip. Even at your destination, you should feel confident checking in with your charter company – and even making changes should your itinerary change. 

You should feel comfortable and at home with your flight accommodations. On board, you will have everything you need or have requested, along with luxuriously comfortable seating and privacy. But the service doesn’t stop there. A private charter team can handle the situation whenever there is a need for ground transportation. 

In other words, your entire trip should be an experience – including your air travel. It is more than just a means of getting to and from your trip but rather part of the trip itself.

Private Jet Vacation Services at Sun Air Jets

At Sun Air Jets, we want to help you embark on a personalized private jet experience anywhere in the world. You let us know your travel plans, and our jet charter services will handle the details. 

We offer our guests: 

  • A private and convenient flight experience
  • Personalized aircraft amenities
  • A commitment to safety and security

And we have a large fleet with a wide variety of private jet options. Let us help you turn your daydream into a reality.

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