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Buying a private jet is a significant investment. Whether purchasing it solely for personal use or considering using it for a charter jet, you want to provide it with the utmost care. And that means performing regular jet aircraft maintenance. 

Just as a car needs routine oil changes and regular filter, tire, and brake replacements, so does your jet. And, since safety is a significant factor, this is not just a job for anyone. Instead, keep your aircraft running beautifully with first-rate jet aircraft maintenance in Van Nuys

Who Performs Jet Aircraft Maintenance?

Generally speaking, the responsibility of private jet maintenance falls onto the owner or operator of that aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all owners to perform preventative maintenance on their jets. They must also sign off confirming maintenance completion. 

On the other hand, commanding pilots ensure that the jet is in working order and safe for flying. In addition, the pilots should always keep an FAA-approved flight manual and a display of registration certificates and airworthiness inside the jet. 

Everyone involved in maintaining a private jet should make it a point to stay on top of the latest news and regulations about the aircraft. 

Routine Preventative Jet Aircraft Maintenance Schedule

Sec. 91.409 of the FAA’s Code of Federal Regulations provides a list of minimum requirements for annual and 100-hour inspections. The manufacturer of the airline is the one who sets the checklist of requirements for each scheduled maintenance. Below is an overview. 

Daily and Pre-flight Inspections

The recommendation is that the owner or operator of an aircraft performs a thorough inspection of the jet. The assessment is essential if it has sat unused for some time. In addition to the daily checks, the procedure requires pilots do a preflight inspection before taking flight. Using a detailed checklist, including checking the cabin, nose, wings, and empennage, the pilot must ensure that it is airworthy. 

Routine Hourly Inspections

Rather than miles on a car, regular maintenance for aircraft breaks down into 100-hour blocks of time. This inspection means for every 100 hours of operating time, and an inspection needs to occur. The examinations occur at the following: 

  • 100 hours
  • 200 hours
  • 400 hours
  • 600 hours
  • 800 hours

Though the inspections that need to occur at each interval will vary based on your jet type, some may include a simple check, while others may be more in-depth. 

Annual Inspections

In addition to routine inspections, there is a yearly required checklist. And it needs to be performed by one of the following: 

  • A certified A&P mechanic that has the authorization to inspect
  • The aircraft’s manufacturer
  • A highly-rated, certified repair center

Time Between Overhaul

A time will come when certain parts of the jet will need to be replaced. This maintenance is done as a preventative measure. It allows you to change details before they have a chance to go wrong and jeopardize safety. This is known as a hot section inspection or HSI. 

The manufacturer will set the specific timeframe for your particular jet, but the HSI usually takes 1,500 to 2,000 hours. During this inspection, all significant components of the plane will be examined, such as air compressors, combustion chambers, compression turbines, turbine-shroud segments, and temperature sensors. The maintenance crew will replace any aircraft that don’t meet these requirements. 

This is an in-depth inspection that can last for at least a couple of days. 

Full Overall

Last but not least, a complete overall review of your jet’s overall condition. One small thing can disrupt the entire aircraft – and create safety issues. This overview is why it is essential to thoroughly examine each part of the jet. It includes disassembling the rush, inspecting each part, and replacing those that are defective or have suffered wear and tear. 

Extensive examination, testing, and more by a maintenance contract ensure that everything is in healthy working order. 

Unscheduled Jet Aircraft Maintenance

While routine maintenance will help prevent more significant issues, especially if caught early, these inspection intervals don’t account for the time taken for unscheduled maintenance. If anything feels out of the ordinary, then be sure it gets checked out immediately. 

Because these instances can happen unexpectedly, having a reliable service team is essential. Any good maintenance team should be able to handle all aspects of your jet. 

Sun Air Jets Maintenance Service

What if you purchased a private jet for your traveling pleasure – and never wanted the responsibility of caring for it? What if you don’t know everything involved in maintaining the plane? Well, just as you’d take your car to the professionals, your jet can be handled by Sun Air Jets maintenance service. This is an excellent choice since it lets you have confidence that your plane is always in its best shape.  

Having professional technicians handle your aircraft maintenance is essential for your safety – and the security of your passengers. At Sun Air Jets, all technicians are factory trained and have FAA oversight. Their commitment to flight safety is a top priority. 

The maintenance department has achieved the four major industry safety standards and participates in voluntary, recurring maintenance technician training every two years. This attention to training and other small details sets Sun Air Jets apart. 

Whether you have invested in a brand new jet or have an older one with lots of miles, do not try to handle the maintenance on your own. There is so much involved in keeping you safe in the air that you can’t leave it to chance. 

First-rate jet aircraft maintenance in Van Nuys with Sun Air Jets can give you confidence in your aircraft every time you reach for the sky. 

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