Charter A Private Jet and Travel in Style

Charter A Private Jet and Travel in Style

Why should you charter a private jet? What can you get from flying on a private jet that isn’t available on, say, the business class of a commercial airliner? Are there advantages to chartering a private jet? You must have asked yourself these questions at one time or the other. Let’s give you several reasons why chartering a private jet isn’t just travel in style method, it is the smartest way too.

Saves Time

One of the reasons why we fly is to save time. However, if you are a frequent flier, you would have noticed that there’s always a probability of delayed flights. If getting to your destination on time is essential to you, chartering a private jet must be considered. You save flight time by flying straight to your destination, saving time in reduced custom checks. While others go through time-consuming searches and custom checks, yours is a breeze.

Suppose you arrive at the airport simultaneously with some flying commercial. In that case, you will certainly be in the air while the person is still going through TSA checks. Within fifteen minutes of arriving, you are good to go, and you have access to loads of airports globally while you travel in style.

Unrivaled Comfort

Though most private jets are smaller than commercial planes, private jets offer more comfort than commercial planes. Not even business class can compare to the comfort a private jet can provide. Private jets combine more than enough space with plush leather seats and a beautiful interior that screams elegance. Also, if you are thinking of taking a nap during your flight, private jets are equipped with chairs you can turn into beds. 

Quality Service

There’s a marked difference between the quality of service on commercial flights and chartered ones. Even if you are flying first class with the best in-flight service, it’s still not comparable to when you hire a private jet.

First, with a chartered flight, you can drive to the tarmac, a few feet to the plane, then walk in and board. That’s not possible in first class on a commercial aircraft. Also, there’s the personal touch the flight crew gives you. Greeting you by name when you are boarding or the pilot coming to have a conversation with you before the flight makes you feel special. On a commercial flight, the crew has to show no preference for the passengers, treating everyone equally. However, on a chartered flight, you receive quality service from the moment you arrive at the airport to the time you disembark.

Total Privacy and Confidentiality

Another plus of flying private jets is being assured of your privacy and complete confidentiality. You don’t have to be bothered about nosy or disturbing co-passengers if you are traveling alone. Passport checks are done more discreetly and without fuss. You fly away from the crowd and prying eyes. Everything from the point of departure signifies that your privacy is important.

Travel Without Stress

Flying can be stressful, the stress of custom checks, the boredom of layovers, and the stress of a co-passenger. You can eliminate all these when you charter a private jet. The crew ensures that your satisfaction is their priority when you are flying. Even if they have to refuel for long-distance travel, it’s nowhere near the long wait associated with commercial flights.

As we have stated here, it takes about fifteen minutes from the moment you arrive at the airport for you to take off. You aren’t subjected to the ignominy of having to take off your clothes as you pass through security. When you charter a private jet to take you somewhere, know that you will arrive at your destination with minimum or no stress.

Convenient Luggage Handling

When you charter a private jet, there’s no restriction on the weight of your luggage. On commercial flights, everyone has a luggage quota. Sometimes, you have trouble deciding what to leave out, so you are not charged with excess luggage penalties. Also, there’s no chance of your luggage missing in transit with private jets. Just like you, your luggage is handled with utmost care and attention. So you have nothing to fear about missing baggage or luggage allowance.

You Are Treated Like Royalty

You don’t just fly with comfort when flying on a private jet, you are treated like royalty. Private jets have a crew ready to attend to your every need, the best food and drinks, and different forms of entertainment. All these combine to make your flying experience a thoroughly enjoyable one. Be prepared to be pampered like the star that you are.

You Can Travel Along with Your Pets

Many of us are torn about leaving our pets behind when we travel. Commercial airlines don’t allow you to fly your pets with you in the cabin, which can distress both of you. You don’t have to worry anymore. All you have to do is charter a private jet. There’s no need to be separated from your pet while flying with a private jet. You can share the cabin and receive first-class treatment from the crew while you and your pets travel in style.

Specialized Catering Services

Meals are prepared to the highest standard when you fly via a chartered private jet. It’s almost as if you are dining in a Michelin-rated restaurant while flying. Care is taken to understand your palate, and everything is prepared to your exact standards. You are royalty, and royalty shouldn’t be treated to generic meals like in the case of commercial airlines. The catering services, from the meals to utensils, are top of the line because they believe you deserve the best.

Travel in Style with Sun Air Jets

This is how you travel in style, Is it worth it to charter a private jet? The answer is a resounding yes! When you think of the advantages of chartering a private jet, there’s no hesitation in saying the best way to fly is by chartering a private jet.

If you think of what private jet charter company to work with, look no further than Sun Air Jets. We offer you everything we have listed and loads more at competitive prices when you book a private flight with Sun Air Jets.

For questions about our private jet fleets and accommodations, contact us anytime.

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