Is Airplane Cabin Air Quality Better When Flying Private?

lane Cabin Air Quality Better When Flying Private

One of the things the pandemic has taught us is that the airplane cabin air quality is not as high as we used to think. The speed at which airborne infections can spread in the cabin of an airplane is problematic and enough to put anyone off flying. What if you decide to fly with a private jet? Is it safer? Is the air quality better in a private jet? Yes, it is.

Let’s examine how the air quality of a private jet is better than that of a commercial airliner. Continuous air cabin circulation ensures that air quality is always fresh. There are primarily two ways the air in the cabin is circulated.

Exchange System

The first method is a hundred percent fresh air system. What happens with this method? Two things repeatedly happen to maintain the air quality in the cabin. The first thing that happens is that the airplane sucks in air from its environment and passes it through high temperature and pressure to purify the air. The high temperature and pressure also remove impurities from the air. The clean air is then cooled and passed into the cabin.

The other thing that happens is that, at the same time, the airplane sucks out the stale air out of the cabin into the outside environment. This process happens every couple of minutes. That way, the cabin’s air quality never reduces, and you can be sure that there are no germs in the air. The Gulfstream G650 is one of the private jets that use this kind of system.

Recirculation System

Another way private jets maintain their airplane cabin air quality is through a recirculation system. The air within the cabin is recirculated with the aid of air filters. Then a fraction of purified air from the jet’s surroundings is mixed with the filtered air and piped back into the cabin. This method has the advantage of the jet being able to control the humidity and temperature of the air.

However, whether it’s the hundred percent fresh air or the recirculation system the private jet uses to control its air quality, it can be aided with the Ion pulse system. These systems use electronic means to destroy molecules that could endanger the lives of the occupants of the private jet.

HEPA Filters

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has made private jet manufacturers have had to up their game. They did this by fitting High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration systems in their jets. HEPA filters capture microscopic air contaminants and make the air quality within the cabin sterile. HEPA filters are also employed in hospitals to create a sterile environment. Therefore, you are assured that there’s little chance of contracting any harmful airborne pathogens when you board private jets with HEPA filters.

Before chartering an aircraft, ask if they have HEPA filters installed in their cabins. Be assured that we have them on all our jets at Sun Air Jets, which means the airplane cabin air quality is high.

Biosecurity and Due Diligence

Another way to ensure high-quality air in the cabin is by following the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines concerning passengers’ safety during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Enforcing these strict biosecurity measures before, during, and after every flight is one way to ensure that everyone who charters our jets are safe. These measures include deep-cleaning every aircraft before and after every flight and developing a digital boarding pass to minimize contact.

We also advise you to board at the private jet terminal. That way, you avoid mingling with the crowd at the main terminals.

Interaction With The Crew

Another important way to keep passengers safe is reducing interaction between you, the passenger and your group, and the ground and flight crew. Thankfully, with the proliferation of technology in our everyday lives, it’s easy to complete pre-flight formalities digitally thereby minimizing contact. Doing this reduces the number of the ground crew required at the FBO. For the flight crew, the key is to remain courteous to passengers while maintaining physical distance. Greeting passengers warmly while avoiding handshakes is the best way to go.

Finally, all crew should have their masks on through the duration of the flight. That gives the passenger the confidence that the crew take their health seriously, and are their wellbeing first. Extra services like having chauffeurs bring passengers to, and take them away from the airport also help. Apart from these ways, charter service operators ensure pristine air quality.

Below are some reasons why smaller planes (in this case, private jets) have better air quality than commercial air crafts:

Fixed Based Operators

Private jets usually use Fixed Base Operators (FBOs). FBOs are smaller terminals designed for private jets. They are separate from the main terminal and less crowded. The only people you are likely to meet are the ground crew, aircrew, and your travel group. This way, there’s a lesser chance of transmitting or contracting anything.

Large Fleet

Choosing the best route and the aircraft that fits your travel needs is also essential as this plays a role in reducing contact risk with other passengers. A direct flight that avoids stopping at other airports for refueling is preferred. This means from takeoff to landing, you are in a safe environment.

Smaller Aircraft

Finally, smaller aircraft are more advantageous than commercial flights. It is easier to keep the air in smaller jet cabins as pure as possible. Smaller aircraft also have room for a smaller crew and fewer passengers when compared to commercial airlines, making it easy to maintain the air quality in the cabins.

Fly Safe with Sun Air Jets

Though it’s easier to contract airborne diseases like COVID-19 in a shopping mall than in an airplane, it is still important to be safe during your travels. At Sun Air Jets, your health and well-being are important to us. So, we do all we can to ensure that we can make our jets safe for you from the moment you board to when you get off.

Why don’t you get in contact with us and let us show you just how important you are to us. We are always available to give you an experience of a lifetime when you book a flight at Sun Air Jets.

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