Benefits of a Private Aircraft Hangar

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Private jets are a symbol of luxury and prestige, and for those who own them, they are also a significant investment and should be stored in an aircraft hanger for protection.

Maintaining a private jet requires more than just regular check-ups and maintenance, it also requires proper care and attention to detail. From ensuring that the interior is kept in pristine condition to protecting the aircraft from weather damage, taking care of a private jet is essential to preserving its value and longevity. Whether you are a seasoned private jet owner or just starting out, this guide will provide valuable insights into the best practices for maintaining and caring for your aircraft.

Here are the many benefits of a private aircraft hanger.

Hangars Come in All Sizes

Aircraft hangars can come in all sizes. That means they can accommodate jets of all sizes – and multiple in one hangar. 

FBOs don’t all have the same amount of space. As a result, they have to make accommodations to make the most of what they have. The ability to choose hangars that fit perfectly is not only convenient for the airport but for the private jet owner, too. 

Because hangars can vary in size, you can make sure that they have the space for you before you make your move. You should be able to safely maneuver and store your jet within the confines of the hangar. They offer wide open space and high-quality storage. 

Hangars are Very Durable

Hangars are built with durability in mind. To provide the best protection, they have to be engineered to handle things like wind, rain, snow, earthquakes, lightning, and so forth. 

This durable construction is necessary to avoid any unnecessary costs due to damage. You can count on them to be standing no matter what happens outside.  

Protect the Look and Finish

The sun, wind, and weather can risk an exposed private jet. If there is no way for the jet to be protected, it could lead to costly repairs. What’s more, it could impact the overall aesthetics of the jet. 

Private jets risk corrosion based on where they are stored and the elements there. This is especially the case in areas local to the coast. This can be dangerous to the aircraft and can involve expensive overhauls. Simply storing it in a hangar can greatly reduce the risk. 

For all types of reasons, to keep a jet looking its very best, it must be sheltered in a private aircraft hangar. 

Reduction in Insurance

Storing a private jet in a hangar often leads to reduced costs on insurance. This is due to the secured and protected space they are housed in. Not to mention that all hangars should be designed with a fire protection system. This adds to the level of protection and is seen in a good light by insurance carriers. 

The result? Savings. 

A Space For Maintenance and Repair

It doesn’t matter how new a jet is, there will come a time when it is going to need some maintenance and repair. With a private aircraft hangar, there is often plenty of space for all types of aviation maintenance technicians, tools, equipment, machinery, and more. 

Some routine maintenance involves taking apart various areas of the jets – and having the space to do this safely is important. 

It is not uncommon for most private aircraft hangars to have a designated space for technicians, either in their own hangar or in an area with storage space. This is a huge benefit for those seeking a place to store their jet. After all, without having access to technicians means one day soon, they will have to find one because aircraft require a lot of attention.

Hangars = Access to Amenities

It is very rare for private individuals to invest in a hangar all their own. Most hangars are part of an FBO or private jet management team. Therefore, when you sign up to have your jet stored here, you also open yourself up to many amenities. 

Aside from the routine maintenance and repairs, you can access the FBO and all of its amenities. You may also be able to take part in offering your jet for charters with revenue sharing, and so much more. 

Choosing the Right Hangar Space

Taking advantage of all of the above benefits is only as great as the FBO you choose. For instance, you want to find a hangar space at an FBO that is conveniently located near your home or office. 

Just be sure that they offer everything you need, such as the ability to store a jet your size. It doesn’t matter whether you have a heavy jet or a very light jet, hangars only have so much space to accommodate – so be sure they have plenty for yours. 

Allow yourself to have access to maintenance and repair, a secure place to store your investment, and so much more. At Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Sun Air Jets has about 100,000 feet of hangar space available for usage. You will also have access to the private offices, lounges, conference meeting rooms, guest parking, refreshments, and more found within the facility. 

They are growing and allowing you to be a part of it all. Remember, hangar space can keep your private jet safe and free from corrosion, in healthy working order, reduce your insurance rates, and more. Hangars are durable and meant to withstand much that Mother Nature throws at them. 

With Sun Air Jets’ state-of-the-art aircraft hangers available at Van Nuys, you can feel confident that your investment is in good hands. 

By finding the right private aircraft hangar, you can benefit from the protection of your jet to the amenities offered by the FBO – and everything in between. 

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