What is Private Jet Management?

What is Private Jet Management

While owning your own private jet is a luxury, it can come with its downsides. There is a lot to think about, and often these drawbacks can take away from what should be a positive experience. There is an answer, however. Utilizing a private jet management company can make ownership much easier. Today we are going to take a detailed look at what private jet management is and how it could help you.

What is Private Jet Management?

Private jet management is a service performed by a company that will, in essence, take care of your aircraft and will even oversee its operation. 

This includes things such as hangarage, maintenance, crewing, and even utilization and chartering. You can consider it an investment, and depending on which options you choose, you may find that it can significantly offset the cost.

Which Services Are Included in Private Jet Management?

The private jet management service you receive depends on the provider. As a general rule, you can reasonably expect to find the following services provided by your chosen company: –

Hangarage and Parking 

One of the key features most private jet management companies provide is finding a place where your jet can be safely homed.

Some services offer hangar storage, and others are limited to outdoor parking only. Generally, it will reduce maintenance costs and increase reliability if your aircraft can be stored in a hangar when not in use.

Aircraft Maintenance 

One key advantage of private aviation is that the jet is available at any given time. However, for this to happen, the aircraft needs to be fully serviceable and airworthy at all times too. 

The key to the above is an effective maintenance program. A good private jet management company will be able to take care of this. It will ensure that the aircraft is properly maintained according to a specific schedule. 

Aside from airworthiness, other smaller day-to-day practical things can be taken care of. This includes things such as aircraft fuelling, cleaning, and daily checks. 

Crew Management

Without pilots and crew, the aircraft won’t be going anywhere. If you so choose, a private jet management company will be able to provide crew for your aircraft. They will also oversee things such as rostering, crew pay, and training.

However, this isn’t always necessary. A good private jet management company should be able to work to your specific requirements. So, if you have your own crew choice, they should be able to accommodate this.

Ground Transport

As you’ll already undoubtedly know, your journey doesn’t end when you arrive at the airport. You’ll also need transportation to your final destination. 

With private jet management services, this can come as part of the package. Traveling to and from the aircraft can be arranged as part of the service. 


If you don’t need the aircraft to be available at all times, permitting it to be chartered can be a great option. You can offset some of the other costs by offering the aircraft to other parties when it is not being used.

Chartering may not be for everyone. Granted, it will reduce some of the cost, but it is rare that the gains from chartering will exceed the cost of ownership. Chartering also adds hours to the airframe, which means an increase in maintenance and crew costs. Not to mention that some clients simply don’t like the idea of someone else using their property. 

Also, it must be remembered that if you release your aircraft for charter, it might not always be there when you need it, and it is generally the case that charter flights take priority.

Billing and Invoicing

With all of the above, there is an attached cost. And, when you consider the finer points of any of the above, there is quite a lot to think about, making it hard to keep track of the expenses.

Private jet management makes this easier. Most private jet charter companies will assess the cost of all of the above and present you with a single invoice to pay in a given period.

You need to be selective in who you choose in this regard. Knowing exactly where your money is going is of tantamount importance. Transparent billing is something that you should really spend time seeking out. 

Looking for a detailed breakdown of aircraft management costs allows you to keep track of areas where you might make a saving and also allows you to avoid any ‘hidden’ extras.

Why Private Jet Management Could Be the Best Choice? 

In short, private jet management makes life simple. The multitude of ‘small things’ is all taken care of. So, potentially, you can be on your way to your next destination with little more than a phone call.

It is worth bearing in mind that a good private jet management company will realize that no two clients are the same, and you should expect to be offered a degree of flexibility and options when choosing your provider. Here are some other things that you’ll gain from private jet management: –

  • A safe and well-maintained aircraft.
  • Well-trained and reliable crew.
  • Jet availability, based on your own personal requirements.
  • Reduced cost through chartering options.
  • Further discounts as a result of ‘block booking’ services.

Is Private Jet Management Worth It?

Private jet management can be worth it, provided you pick a professional and reliable service. To gain the most benefit, you will need to find a provider who values you as a customer and has extensive experience in managing customers’ assets. 

At Sun Air Jets, we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency. With extensive experience in private jet management, we offer all of the services and benefits that you have read about above. To find out more, visit our website, or alternatively, contact us, where we will be delighted to answer any questions that you may have.

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