Travel by Private Jet with Your Company This Year

Travel by Private Jet with Your Company This Year - Sun Air Jets

One of the beautiful things about our world today is that the global market is much smaller than it used to be. Thanks to the internet, cell phones, email, and so forth, you can easily do business worldwide. No longer will you feel confined and stuck to just one city, one state, or the domestic market. This makes it much easier for companies to travel by private jet for all their business needs.

In addition to the internet bringing people closer, air travel also plays a huge role. Using a private jet to handle business to and from your destination has many perks. For instance, if you are in Los Angeles, working in tandem with a company in Hong Kong no longer need to feel worlds away. 

Travel by private jet with your company this year and take your business to a new level. 

Luxury Is Not Everything

Who doesn’t love luxurious things? Luxurious amenities are par for the course when traveling via a private jet. You get comfortable seating, catered meals, and a very accommodating crew. And while your top business executives – and anyone on your team – would jump at the chance to experience the finer things in life, this isn’t why most companies opt for private jet travel. 

Flying private makes good business sense. For instance, some other luxuries or conveniences come with chartering a private jet that gives them the advantage. And that’s what we are going to look at today. Just because we don’t mention how incredibly comfortable things are inside a jet doesn’t mean it isn’t a bonus – and highly appreciated – perk. 

Control Over Schedule

Commercial flights have set flight patterns that they control and cannot deviate from – unless their flights become delayed or canceled. In this case, you still have no control over your travel schedule. Flying to make an important business meeting at the hands of commercial air travel can be risky, especially in today’s world. 

And what happens if the meeting runs longer than expected? You can’t call the commercial airliner and ask them to hold the jet. If you were counting on a quick trip – out and back the same day – you could find your company having to expense another airline ticket for the next day and a hotel room and expenses for the employee(s). 

Choosing to send your execs to the meeting via a private jet can boost your confidence that they will arrive on time and all will go smoothly. These jets are flexible with timing, don’t require you to be there hours in advance of the flight, and if things run a little longer than expected, a quick heads up with a phone call will keep them waiting—no need to re-book the flight or book hotel rooms. 

Travel By Private Jet: Boost Productivity

Should a quick business trip cost you a lot of downtimes? Not at all. Time is of the essence in business, and productivity is of utmost importance. Productivity can take a nosedive when stuck in a commercial airport, so avoid this issue by chartering a private jet. This doesn’t include the coming and going for business trips but the layovers. 

You can continue to work on private board jets just as in an office. Comfortable accommodations – often including conference tables – and the ability to stay connected can help keep productivity up. Of course, it is worth mentioning that since they are private, it is the perfect place to get work done: no distractions, quiet surroundings, and no risk of confidentiality concerns. 

Many companies understand that the extra cost spent on a private jet can be offset by the ability to maintain high levels of productivity despite travel. 

Reach More Destinations

Air travel can open up a world market for your business. But getting there can be challenging depending on where this is taking place. Some major airports can be hectic and challenging to navigate in a time crunch. What’s more, often times travel destinations are not always close by. Sometimes you may have to travel to more remote areas outside the city once you land on the ground. This can add extra time on a trip. 

Private air travel allows you to access many more airports – smaller airport options that cannot accommodate commercial airliners. This can get you closer to the destination and avoids all the hustle and bustle of the commercial airport. 

Easy Scheduling and Exceptional Service

If you’ve ever had to call a significant airline to discuss concerns about an upcoming trip or to make changes to your flight, then you’ve likely experienced the long wait times on hold just trying to reach someone. Waiting can be aggravating – not to mention that it can pull you away from other priorities. 

With private travel, you often get a designated contact that can book your trip and assist in any accommodations you need before, during, and after your flight. Questions about your destination, car service to and from the airport, on-board connectivity questions, booking accommodations, restaurant reservations, and so forth. Private travel takes care of every detail, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

But that’s not all. You also get the reassurance that your private jet has been cared for and the crew in charge of flying your plane are highly trained and experienced. 

All these individuals work together to provide you with the best private travel experience imaginable. 

Business Travel By Private Jets

While many people have been using private jets for years, it took a global pandemic for many others to realize what they have been missing. When bridging the global gap for your business, you have two choices: commercial or private jet travel. And, since the latter comes with all the perks we discussed above (and so much more), a personal journey makes good business sense

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