The Speed and Luxury of the Cessna Citation X

The speed and luxury of the Citation X

Cessna’s chief business jet has gained its position as one of the all-time favorite private planes in business and luxury aviation. We know the Cessna Citation X as the world’s fastest private plane and the third-fastest civilian airplane ever delivered.

There was much passion in the aviation community when Cessna originally reported its objectives for the Citation X – in short, to outperform the contending private planes. Cessna surpassed everyone’s assumptions with the Citation X – it was the fastest, most efficient, and most proficient private jet available.

Citation X was even awarded the renowned Collier Trophy in its launch year in honor of its advances in aeronautics and aerospace technology. It redefined the super-midsize cabin class with certification in May 1996. The airplane has an unmistakable ramp presence. It challenged the status quo creating the fastest business jet currently in production.

Although briefly – thrown by Gulfstream G650, Cessna quickly answered with the Citation X. The aircraft being fast is an understatement during early flight testing. The Citation X, at times, broke the sound barrier. It represents one of Cessna’s most successful platforms, spanning two decades, including the latest citation X plus. The Citation X airframe has been tested to 75,000 flight hours. 

Aircraft Engines

There are three prominent features to Citation X. 

  • Aggressive aerodynamics
  • Drastic 37 degrees swept-back wings  
  • Massive engines

The Rolls-Royce has three AE 3 0 0 7 C engine variants. The first 174 aircraft have the AE 3 0 0 7 C series engine, producing 6000 442 pounds of thrust each, and the next 141 aircraft featured the AE 3 0 0 7 C 1, increasing thrust to six thousand seven hundred sixty-four pounds. Cessna installed the AE 3 0 0 7 C two engines on Cessna’s latest citation X-plus with an impressive 34 pounds of thrust each.

The Citation X wing was a clean design, and there was no need for any additional stabilizing attachments. The 37° swept-back wing incorporates a supercritical airfoil design. It was designed to optimize efficiency, drag stability, and control at high speeds.

Further improvements came in the way of optional elliptical winglets developed by winglet technology. Winglets on Citation X provide numerous economic gains, including improved takeoff performance, reduced time to climb, increased range and payload, and reduced fuel consumption under standard conditions.

Aircraft Performance

While there are many excellent features and luxuries aboard, the performance of the Citation X is by far its most notable feature. Cessna set out to produce the world’s fastest private jet during the design of the Model 750, and it presented just that.

The Citation X has excellent takeoff and landing performance at max takeoff weight. The aircraft will need 5,000 140 feet of runway at max landing weight. It requires 3,400 feet maximum operating altitude.

On Citation X, it is 51,000 feet with 8,000-foot relative cabin pressure. A standard equipped Citation X with all eight seats full and NB double-a IFR reserves has a published range of 2848 nautical miles cruising at Mach 0.82 by reducing passenger load to four and utilizing the same assumptions.

The Citation X has a published range of 3,100 nautical miles cruising at the same Mach 0.82 in mind. The airplane is certified to 51,000 feet, and typical cruise speeds range from 470 knots to 525 knots. This airplane is a true non-stop coast-to-coast performer and can reach Europe and Hawaii.

There are several reasons the Citation sold a larger number of airplanes than any other ever did in history. The extraordinary performance and payload are the key attributes. However, we can add the safety, quality, interior convenience, and peace of mind standard with every Cessna airplane.

Aircraft Cabin

A spacious interior equipped with enough of arranged head and shoulder area, where the seats are flexible, and you can stretch out in various positions. They will also swivel 180 degrees for a diversity of casual groupings. The ample head and shoulder area provide each passenger with enough space. The Citation X cabin range has about 24 feet (7.29 meters), and the peak measures 1.73 m.

You will find a private dressing room vanity with a flushing toilet, washbasin, a large closet, and a wide countertop.

They composed the interior personally; you will choose from different cabin compartments, cabin attendant arrangements, information centers, and global galleys for a three-meal service. The international galley has catering trays and positions in exquisite china, stemware, and cutlery, all within easy reach.

Essential details like a flushing toilet with hot and cold water, a beautifully designated lavatory, and cabinetry for storing essentials give a feeling of great taste.

Communications and entertainment facilities cover global satellite phones, domestic U.S. Wi-Fi, airshow moving map, and entertainment center. Each passenger has a personal display monitor and simple control over the cabin environment.

The elegantly finished galley offers a drip brew coffee maker, microwave oven, ice drawer and chiller, and a fully enclosed lavatory in the aft cabin.

Aircraft Advanced Cabin Technology

Clairity ™ is a brilliant cabin authority and entertainment automation solution incorporated with the jet’s avionics and electrical operations. Clairity ™ gives passengers cabin control, connectivity, data, and media sharing to other passengers.

Through the Clairity ™ temperature control, touch screen system, window shades, control of cabin lighting, entertainment, audio (digital media, MP3/iPhone), and video (digital media, Blu Ray), with an individual interactive moving map is at your fingertips. WIFI connectivity to a personal electronic device for your entertainment needs is also accessible.

Aircraft Baggage Compartment

The only compartment on Citation X is an externally accessible baggage compartment with 54 cubic feet of storage. It is pressurized and ample size for your entire luggage.

Aircraft Flight Deck Technology

Garmin G5000 avionic suite induced the Citation X advanced flight deck. Never has jet operating been so appealing. With smartphone-like touch-screen controllers, the flight staff can customize the presentation of data, see dimensional renditions of land, know actual weather types, and see traffic from literal miles away.

The fundamental and multi-function flight display has three multi-panel; widescreen displays with Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT ™).

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