The Benefits of Sun Air Jets Fleet Management Services

The Benefits of Sun Air Jets Fleet Management Services - Sun Air Jets

Creating your own success story starts with making one wise decision after another. Whether it was 20 years or 20 minutes ago, remember the moment you purchased your private jet. How much thought, time, and research did you put into it? There is a good chance you didn’t wake up one morning and decide to purchase on a whim. Instead, you did what needed to be done to ensure you were making a decision that would bring you a great reward. After purchasing a jet the next big decision is choosing from the many fleet management services.

So, when it comes to finding someone to care for your jet, it only makes sense that you do your due diligence to find a fleet management service that will surpass your expectation, right? Keep your wise decisions coming with Sun Air Jets’ fleet management service. The benefits speak for themselves. 

Fleet Management Services Focus on Specific Needs 

Your travel needs will likely vary significantly from someone else’s. In private aviation, people invest in private jets for many different reasons. Some for business, others for running mission services to underdeveloped countries, and still others as part of a hospitality package for tourists. Some people want a private jet ready for their pleasure when traveling privately.

Whatever your travel needs are, they are specific to you. Sun Air Jets gathers an understanding of what you are looking for and then puts together a portfolio of services for you – including a few you didn’t even realize you’d need. After all, that happens when you work with a professional fleet management service. 

A Cost-Effective Solution

Remember when we discussed finding success with wise decisions? Here’s another opportunity. With Sun Air Jets’ fleet management services, you get access to opportunities to save. 

The fuel cost is perhaps the most significant operational expense for those who own private jets. And with the fuel cost not showing any signs of decreasing, it pays to find ways to access it at a lower price point. With fleet management services, you have access to fuel at a better rate. You also get FET and other tax refunds on jet fuel. You’ll find savings on hangar storage and insurance premiums, too. Because Sun Air Jets has already nurtured relationships with a team of certified Aviation Maintenance Technicians and flight crews, you can also save money there.  

Running a private jet can get expensive. But, when you partner with a fleet management team that offers you actual benefits, you can see, then you know you have made the right choice. 

Convenient, Stress-Free Travel

When you are ready to get your private jet up and running so you can head out, you don’t want to deal with a lot of hassle. Doing things on your own can mean making a call to maintenance, finding a flight crew, and so forth. Another worry is understanding the necessary qualifications to ensure they are safe and trustworthy. 

With Sun Air Jets, a phone call can get things moving so you can be well on your way into the sky before you know it. The operational support received from private jet management takes care of everything needed so that all you have to focus on is getting to the airport for your flight. It is a convenient, stress-free way to handle your private jet travel. 

Full Revenue Sharing

For those who don’t use their private jets regularly, taking advantage of various revenue opportunities can help to offset costs. One of the most common ways private jet owners do this is through charter services

Let’s say your private jet is housed at Camarillo Airport, and you have decided to take advantage of fleet management services. If you don’t use your private jet often, you could consider taking advantage of charter revenue. That means allowing Sun Air Jets to use your jet as part of their charter program – and then sharing the revenue. 

Payment is made to your account for all revenue, including unflown charter hours, cancellation fees, minimum daily charges, and empty leg revenue. It allows you to subsidize the cost of owning your private jet while maximizing the efficiency of your asset. 

Nobody has ever said owning a private jet is cheap, but taking advantage of such things as this full revenue sharing is a great way to make it more affordable. 

Detailed Financial Reporting

Maintaining financial records – and all forms, for that matter – where your private jet is concerned is very important. When the plane is being managed by someone else, how can you ensure you have all the records? 

Sun Air Jets provides detailed financial reporting. These organized monthly statements will come to you with all supporting invoice records. Each separate invoiced item will be coded to quickly see how much is spent on fuel, handling, ramp fees, and so on. 

The completed reports are simple to read and can quickly be passed on to your accountant for recordkeeping. 

Along with the financial reporting, the experts at Sun Air Jets also provide certain tax refunds, transportation excise tax management, sales tax refunds/exemptions, and economic, property, and tax consulting. The latter includes: 

Sun Air Jets’ World-Class Fleet Management Services

The fleet management services you experience with Sun Air Jets are far from ordinary. Most would say the benefits are pretty extraordinary. It is what you should expect from a company that offers you world-class service. See, you don’t just benefit from saving money on fuel costs or conveniently having your jet ready when you want to take a flight, but you get services that matter when managing your asset as a whole. 

And that is just the beginning of the benefits you receive when you choose Sun Air Jets’ fleet management services. 

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