The Benefits of Flying Private for Business

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It is no secret that the world is most definitely getting smaller. In business, it truly is a ‘Global village’. There are certain ways to make this concept even more of a reality. While online tools have allowed us to meet people from all over the country or the world, it has downsides, and there is no substitute for being in a place in person.

Traditionally, traveling is tiring and adds to an otherwise already long day. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. The answer is flying private. If you are mulling the benefits of flying private for business over, here are a few reasons why it might be the best form of transport for you.

Overall, Increased Productivity

When traveling, there is often a lot of wasted time. Standing in line, checking in, the arduous march through security, waiting at a gate where the airplane has yet to park… This is all time where you could be doing something else.

The good news is that when flying private, none of the above even needs to be considered. Check-in is effortless, and you may be able to board within mere minutes of arriving at the terminal. Alternatively, you’ll be able to make full use of comfortable (and quiet) lounges before your flight. 

Arrive Well Rested

Traveling long distances allows you to be there in person, but this can often come at a cost. We have all been ‘busy’ and emerged from our flight feeling bleary-eyed and wondering how we will face the day ahead.

Flying private offers something entirely different.

You will emerge from your flight well-rested, relaxed, and feeling ready to face whatever challenges the day presents. Most private jets feature onboard rest facilities, allowing you to sleep and relax as if you were in the comfort of your own home. 

Regardless of how far you are flying, be that interstate, nationally, or even internationally, when flying private, the problems associated with time differences become a thing of the past.

Work on the Go (and in Comfort)

Trying to get things done with a laptop perched precariously on your knee or on the back of a shoebox-sized table is an exercise in futility. It most certainly isn’t comfortable.

Flying private offers you the luxury of being able to spread out and work effectively, just as if you were in your own office. Arriving at a meeting and feeling underprepared because you were robbed of ‘working time’ during the flight is never a good feeling.

By working on the go, you may actually find that you’ve gained a little time and got ahead of where you need to be. 

Stay Connected

If you’ve ever tried to reach someone who you know is in transit, you’ll already know how frustrating it can be. Depending on a person’s role, being out of reach can lead to an entire project or task grinding to a halt until they land.

This isn’t an issue when flying private. 

Good private jet operators will ensure that you can stay connected wherever you are. Normally onboard WIFI connectivity comes as standard. As a result, whether you need to send a quick email, share a report, or even make an in-person video call in preparation for your arrival, this will all be possible when flying private. 

Facilities When you Depart and Arrive

Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to make every single second count to the point where even traveling any significant distance is time wasted.

The good news is that there are even facilities to cater to this eventuality. 

Certain private jet operators can provide on-site conference rooms and meeting facilities as part of the experience. You will be able to get off the jet and, in a matter of a few short minutes, be sat in excellent facilities, ready to conduct your business. That is as expeditious as it gets.

Arrive Early

As the saying goes, ‘punctuality is a virtue’. You wouldn’t want to arrive at an important business meeting being ‘on the back foot’ due to timing issues.

Flying private allows you to land closer to your final destination. What’s more, you aren’t subject to the whims of various ‘regular’ airport infrastructure such as the eternal wait at the baggage carousel, lines at immigration, and trying to arrange onward transport.

When flying private, all of this is taken care of. Allowing you to arrive at your destination on time or even earlier than you’d expect.

The World, According to Your Schedule

Business is a 24-hour affair, and it certainly doesn’t mesh well with large airlines’ rigid schedules. When flying private, you can travel according to your own schedule. 

If you need to depart or arrive at a certain time, you can be there, on the dot, as you set the schedule.


We have all heard the stories of ‘walls talking’ and industrial espionage. The upside of flying private is that it is hard to eavesdrop on anyone when their meeting is taking place at 41,000ft above the earth’s surface.

Certain aircraft types can hold a significant number of people, meaning you can conduct meetings onboard in utter privacy.

Be in Several Places

Often with important business decisions, you will want to be there, in person. 

If you opt to fly private, you can be in several places, perhaps not at once, but quicker than with any other form of transport.

When you charter a private aircraft, it’s yours. This means that if you need to make several stops in several locations, this is a realistic possibility. You gain flexibility because you are in charge of where you are and can easily make an itinerary that will run on rails.

Sun Air Jets offer private aircraft for business charter. Whether traveling solo or with company, we have a diverse fleet to suit your requirements. We are the obvious choice for your business needs with on-site meeting facilities, excellent customer service, and a flawless safety record. The benefits of flying private for business are numerous. Contact us and allow us to show you.

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