Sun Air Jets Adds Gulfstream G550 and Global Express to Charter Fleet

August 6, 2021 – Greater Los Angeles, CA Sun Air Jets is excited to announce the addition of a 14-passenger Gulfstream G550 and a 12-passenger Global Express to its rapidly expanding charter fleet. These aircraft will further expand Sun Air Jets’ large cabin, long-range aircraft fleet with two tastefully sophisticated, efficient, and comfortable aircraft that are perfect for traveling across the country or across the planet.  With complimentary domestic Wi-Fi, large cabin monitors, numerous personal monitors, and full galleys on board, these aircraft will make your private jet travel even more sublime. 

“The impressive cabins, the elegant comfort, and most of all, the superior quality of these aircraft offer Sun Air Jets’ customers a wonderful, best in-class transportation experience,” states Brian Counsil, Sun Air Jets’ President and COO. “Bombardier, as always, builds an aircraft that is not only customer friendly, but also maintenance  friendly,” according to Rob Cox, Sun Air’s Vice President and Director of Maintenance.  “And, the proven design concepts and the quality of the Gulfstream product line ensures  a dispatch rate that will meet or beat any comparable aircraft.” 

Sun Air Jets continues to grow and diversify its global fleet while ceaselessly providing luxurious, safe and reliable transportation throughout the world. The ultra-high standards of customer service and un-rivaled safety certifications provided by Sun Air Jets ensure a  “once in a lifetime” experience on every trip. 

About Sun Air Jets 

Sun Air Jets was selected as one of the best Fixed Based Operations in North America by  Aviation International News. Headquartered in Camarillo, California, Sun Air specializes in corporate and worldwide charter services, offering aircraft management, maintenance support, and hangar space at Van Nuys and Camarillo Airports. For more information,  please contact the Sun Air Jets charter team at the below number or contact us online


Sun Air Jets

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