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Private Flying

After you’ve flown private, you’ll have a completely different outlook on what ‘flying’ actually means. It’s a much more pleasant experience. Not that many people get to fly private, so it is hardly surprising that all sorts of rumors and myths about flying private spring up. Today we will dispel some of these tales and give you the truth about flying onboard a private jet.

You Have to Be Rich

Verdict: Not True!

While it could be said to be true that flying private is used by people such as A-list celebrities, sports stars, and big political hitters, it isn’t exclusively just for them.

Regular people fly private all the time. In fact, you will find that if you shop around, the price of hiring a business jet might be around the same price as you could expect to pay for a business or first-class ticket onboard a major carrier.

This does depend on the length of the flight and the type of aircraft. With an increase in both of these factors comes an increase in cost.

There are other ‘secret’ methods to getting a seat onboard something amazing like the Cessna Citation X… 

Have you ever heard of ‘empty leg’ flights?

These flights are where the airplane is positioning empty, and operators seek to reduce the cost by offering seats at a vastly discounted rate… The airplane is going anyway. Why not be onboard?

Flying Private is Difficult to Arrange

Verdict: Not True!

Most experienced private jet operators want the process of booking to fly private to be as quick and easy as possible. 

They are well versed in dealing with people with little time and a lot of money. They can’t afford to risk losing sales through misinformation or disorganization.

Booking to fly privately is actually very similar to any regular commercial flight. There are even travel search engines specifically geared to find great deals. The beauty is that, unlike with scheduled flying, you get to choose when the airplane goes and where!  

Most professional operators will be happy to assist you with any questions.

It Isn’t Safe

Verdict: Definitely Not True!

Although the aircraft tend to be smaller when flying private, they are still subject to exactly the same Federal regulations as the major operators.

In fact, because they are smaller, they often come under increased scrutiny.

All private jet airplanes will have to be maintained to rigorous standards and meet (and often exceed) minimum safety requirements before they are given permission to fly passengers.

You Are Limited on Destinations

Verdict: Not True!

Commercial private jets can fly pretty much anywhere. Because of their size, they can actually land in smaller regional airports that wouldn’t fit larger aircraft. In fact, there are certain airports that are restricted to anything other than private jets (or specially trained operators)

Dependent on the type, they also have absolutely phenomenal range. The Bombardier Global Express has a range of around 7900 nautical miles! That means New York to Hong Kong in a single hop! They don’t just connect cities. They connect Continents!

It’s More Turbulent

Verdict: Not True!

You might have heard that because private jets are smaller, they are more prone to the effects of turbulence. Again, this is not true.

It may surprise you to learn that business jets tend to fly much higher than commercial airliners. As a result, they can often outclimb the worst weather and conditions that might cause significant turbulence. 

The Flights Take Longer

Verdict: Not True!

It is common to assume that private jet airplanes take longer to get to their destination because of their small size. Again this is a fallacy.

Think about it. Jet fighters are tiny, and they go really fast.

In fact, private jets are some of the fastest passenger aircraft in the world

In tandem with this, because they can fly higher, they can often fly over and above the bulk of commercial traffic. This leads to them being granted more direct routings from air traffic control.

You Avoid Security Completely

Verdict: Not True!

Ok, hopefully, this isn’t a deal-breaker. 

Contrary to popular belief, you will still have to clear security if you are flying private. This is a federal law that can’t be waived even for VIPs. However, it is a much nicer experience than what you would experience flying through a regular passenger terminal.


Well, if you consider LAX, around 1,659 flights depart each day… That’s a lot of people queuing! Private aviation terminals are a lot quieter and much more civilized. Generally, you’ll be through security as soon as you arrive. 

This also reduces the need to be at the airport well in advance of your travel time. Think more like 20 minutes, instead of 2 hours before!

Private Jet Operators Are More Prone to Weather Delays

Verdict: Not True!

Before we begin, it is vital to state (in line with our verdict above) that flying private is as safe as flying on any commercial airliner. Just like the big regional and nationals, private jet pilots don’t take unnecessary risks, especially when it comes to weather.

All that said, flying private isn’t as prone to weather as people would have you believe. 

As the client, the Captain, and the operator are all in direct communication with each other, it is far easier to rearrange flights and be flexible in order to take advantage of weather ‘windows’.

Because the airplane is hired privately, the Captain can liaise with the client to suggest and consider alternatives.

Finally, due to their size and maneuverability, private airplanes can often fly at lower altitudes and skirt weather and turbulence that would adversely affect bigger aircraft.

It isn’t surprising that there are myths about flying private. As with everything that involves celebrities and the rich, it does attract rumors. Hopefully, our list has given you a much clearer picture of flying private. Sun Air Jets are always happy to provide more information about their flights and services.

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