How to Book A Private Jet for Your Next Trip

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More and more people are walking away from commercial travel as they find joy and comfort on a chartered private jet. The price tag may be a bit higher, but many travelers feel that the reward far outweighs any extra cost. 

Are you ready to take the leap and see what luxury travel is all about? While it is quite easy to do, sometimes you need to have a bit of direction. After all, private travel may be a common form of air travel, but it is an entirely different world than commercial travel. Here you have choices and can make decisions about when you travel and what type of jet you take off in. 

Below you will find everything you need to know about how to book a private jet for your next trip. 

Choose Your Charter Company Wisely

One quick Google search and you will find that there are many charter companies out there offering you the best deal on a luxury flight. What you may not know is that some of these “charter companies” are actually brokers. These are individuals or companies that serve as a middle person between the owner or operator of the private jet and you, the traveler. 

Avoid the broker and go directly to the charter company. Do your research and find one that operates a fleet of charters and takes your safety seriously. That means they put an extreme emphasis on things like: 

You can always pick up the phone and call the charter company to discuss these things, as well as the fleet diversity and services they offer. This is also a great time to discuss their booking process since each charter company will have a slightly different way of doing things. 

While being catered to and being offered extensive services is always exciting, make sure the charter company you speak to is more concerned about your overall experience and safety rather than just selling you upgrades. 

Learn About the Available Charter Aircraft

As mentioned above, when you book a private jet, you get to choose the aircraft. The only general rule is that every passenger is going to need a seat. If you are traveling solo, does that mean you cannot choose a larger jet? Not at all. You have choices. But since bigger doesn’t always mean better, you will want to educate yourself on what is available. 

Most reputable charter companies will list their fleet on their website, along with the specs of each one. They will let you know the amenities you can expect and what the interior looks like. This will help you make decisions. 

Of course, all of this can also be discussed with a representative for the right charter company. 

Choose your aircraft based on who you are traveling with, the distance you are traveling (no one wants to stop to refuel), and the amenities you are looking for. 

Select the Best Destination Airport

One of the many benefits of traveling privately is being able to have access to many additional airports that are not used by commercial airliners. Most of these are smaller, private airports and are only able to accommodate smaller jets. 

When traveling to a big city, you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the major airport and, instead, turn to outside private airports. You may even find that there is a smaller airport closer to your destination which will cut down on your travel once on the ground. 

Want more? Many private airports, or FBOs, have amenities you wouldn’t find in a commercial airport. For example, they may offer refreshments, provide business centers and conference rooms, a lounge, comfortable seating, and more. 

Decide Between a One-Way and a Round-Trip

Since you are new to private travel, it may be hard to wrap your head around the fact that your private jet is there for you. So, while you are doing what you do in the destination city, your jet will be at the airport waiting to take you back home. 

A round-trip flight means that your jet and your flight crew aren’t going anywhere until you are ready. This can add up when it comes to ramp fees, salaries, and so forth. But, if you are only going to be at your destination for a short time – say, a night or two – booking a round-trip flight may be your best option. 

Should your travels keep you away for longer, it may make most financial sense to book a one-way ticket each way. Discuss your options with your charter team. 

Additional Tips for Booking a Private Jet

Before booking a private jet charter, there are a few additional tips you should know so that you have the best experience imaginable. 

  • Cheaper is not always better. Sometimes you will find a great deal with a top-notch charter company, but for those offering the lowest prices all the time — you may want to do a little research first. 
  • Dress appropriately. Take some time to learn about attire for traveling on a private jet. No one will know it is your first time because you will blend right in. 
  • Make special requests when you book. If you want any special touches or catering onboard, make these requests when you book. Or, at least well in advance of your trip. 

Most importantly, ask questions. If you aren’t sure about something, ask. Booking a private jet charter is not only an experience but an investment. Make sure you understand all aspects. 

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