8 Reasons to Visit Santa Barbara

8 Reasons to Visit Santa Barbara - Sun Air Jets

Maybe you have seen the photos and even heard stories. Perhaps you have seen paintings. Santa Barbara is just one city that makes each of these things worthwhile. With its wide sandy beaches that meet the road and its unforgettable sunsets, it is no wonder that big names like Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Costner, Steven Spielberg, and Tom Cruise call this place home.

So whether you are looking to hop on a private jet for a day trip or a getaway to stay and play, we’ve got eight reasons to visit Santa Barbara. 

1. Santa Barbra Beaches

Santa Barbara is found along California’s Central Coast, where it is always sunny regardless of the season. And it makes beach days inevitable. Luckily there are plenty of beaches to choose from here – and they are said to be the best in the state. Of course, staring out over the beautiful blue water with the Ynez Mountains in the background is like consuming eye candy. You won’t see anything like it anywhere else in California. 

While none of the beaches will disappoint, here are a few you won’t want to miss: 

  • Leadbetter Beach – this one is close to everything 
  • East Beach – this is the longest beach, and it, too, is conveniently located
  • West Beach – the touristy beach that is the waterfront to Stearns Wharf
  • Carpinteria City Beach – known as the world’s safest beach, is excellent for families with kids
  • Mesa Lane Beach – a hideout that allows you to enjoy the beach with a little more privacy

Santa Barbara has an incredible dog-friendly beach, Hendry’s Beach, so brings your pup along for the getaway. 

Visit one or visit them all; you will have a wonderful time with the sand, the water, and the waves. It is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, surfing, and paddleboarding.

2. Boating Excursions

As many do, you are always welcome to stay on the shore in Santa Barbara. But if you love getting out on the water and feeling like you are worlds away from land in the peaceful waters, you may want to go kayaking or sailing. Both are very popular in this city with tourists and locals alike. 

Just something about the scenic coastline of Santa Barbara enhances the entire experience. 

3. Whale Watching

Who wouldn’t love to see a giant whale, the biggest mammal on earth, swim passed your boat? Pods of humongous blue whales, gray whales, and humpback whales are found to pass through the Santa Barbara channel yearly as they migrate from Alaska to Baja, CA. Whale watching is one of the major attractions in Santa Barbara. Enjoy a day trip out on the yacht and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

4. Santa Barbara Landmarks

If this is your first time in Santa Barbara, you must take the time to see the historical landmarks that make up this city. With a rich Spanish culture, you can learn a lot about it by adding these stops to your to-do list. 

Old Mission Santa Barbara is a Spanish mission considered one of the most famous spots from the 18th century. The incredible architecture, twin bell towers, and lush gardens are lovely. 

Another must-see landmark is the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. This building has murals and rooms covered with kaleidoscopic tiles, which are something to see. If you make it up to the clock tower, you can have a panoramic view of the city! And, no – not for any legal troubles.

5. Hiking In Santa Barbara

You may not think this classy coastal city is the best place to hit the hiking trails, but you may be surprised. Remember those Ynez Mountains we said were the perfect backdrop to the beach? Well, they are full of hiking trails. 

The trails are for every skill level, from the easy beginner to more challenging hikes. The higher you go into the mountains, the more incredible everything looks. And if you are looking for amazing views, keep climbing. This is something you will surely treasure. 

6. Good Eats In Santa Barbara

Can we mention that the world-class restaurants of Santa Barbara are divine? There is no limit to the fine dining you will encounter here. There are so many restaurants with cuisine from around the world. Plus, indulge in some of the best seafood as you overlook the water. 

7. Top Tier Shopping

We say shopping because, well, why not? There are many places for those waiting to swipe that card and walk off with a bag in hand. From surf shops to the finer things, you will want to stroll along the streets of Santa Barbara. One of the best? State Street is where you are sure to find fantastic shopping.

8. Museums and Theaters

Lastly, museums and theaters should be on the itinerary when you visit Santa Barbara. 

Attractions such as the Museum of Natural History contain displays for those interested in anthropology, geology, astronomy, and paleontology. And the Museum of Art shows off some of the most magnificent art pieces, including Monet. 

As for the theater, you can let your artsy side loose in places like Arlington Theatre and Ensemble Theatre Company, which always perform something spectacular on stage. Perhaps the most exciting thing is that the buildings themselves are worth experiencing as much as the performance! That’s thanks to Spanish architecture. 

Don’t Forget the Private Jet

As we mentioned in the beginning, hopping on a private jet to Santa Barbara is the best way to get here, no matter your starting point. Then not only are you allowing yourself to enjoy all the city has to offer, but you are giving yourself the ultimate experience in luxury. Private jet travel is one of the best ways to enjoy all your vacation destination has to offer.

Alas, no matter what you decide to do on your visit to Santa Barbara, you are sure to have an incredible experience that will bring you back time and time again. 

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