Filming & Production

We are ready for your close up…

Sun Air Jets at the Van Nuys and Camarillo Airports offers a full complement of Terminals, Hangars, and an extensive fleet of corporate jet aircraft, which allows us to expertly implement all of your production needs. Since 2002, our extensive private aircraft fleet and world-class facility have been seen in numerous national commercials, television productions, feature films, print, and video shoots.

Sun Air Jets handles all aspects of your shoot: from meeting with your location scout to helping to choose the appropriate aircraft, to assisting with film permits, and providing insurance requirements. On the day of the shoot, we will provide a dedicated representative on site to help provide a seamless experience.

Rental Services Include:

  • Full fleet of corporate jet aircraft for full or partial day of filming
  • Over 160,000 square feet of hangars at both Van Nuys and Camarillo Facilities
  • Outdoor ramp space: Up to 150,000 square feet
  • State-of-the-art lobby
  • Equipment: Tug, Lifts, Fuel Truck, Power Sources
  • Ample parking available at both Van Nuys and Camarillo locations

Discover the Sun Air Difference

Contact our customer service professionals for more information about filming and production opportunities with Sun Air Jets.