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What to Look for in Aircraft Management Services

Choosing an aircraft management service is no easy task. There is a multitude of providers out there, and some offer more than others. A private aircraft is no small investment. You will absolutely want to make sure that your investment is protected and can be utilized in exactly the manner you require. Today we will show you what to look for in aircraft management services, so you can make the best possible choice.

Safety Certification

There’s a reason why we have included safety as the first requirement. A strong commitment to safety should be the overriding criteria that need to be addressed before looking at any other service an aircraft management company provides.

Any company worth it’s salt will be able to provide a flawless record of keeping aircraft, employees, and passengers entirely safe. 

Look for certifications that back up what you are told. Accreditations from organizations such as the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) are well worth looking out for. A promising sign is when management services voluntarily subscribe to safety regulation, a good example of which is the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS/BAO).

The above both demonstrate a real commitment to safe operation. 

Customer Service

It is no secret that private jet management requires a substantial investment. Any organization that doesn’t value you as a customer doesn’t deserve your business. You can assess this from the very start. 

When contacting an aircraft management service, assess how they treat you. If it isn’t good when you are going to offer the business, it likely isn’t going to improve, especially if you have stringent requirements in the future.

The best option is to look for a private jet service with a solid history in looking after their customers. Look for companies that will work with you and are happy to help.


Solid form goes a long way when looking for a good aircraft management service. Established companies will have stayed around for a reason. 

By utilizing an aircraft management service with experience, you can be assured that whatever requirements you have, they will have been catered for before. Experienced operators tend to have the skills to be much more flexible too. They will offer a range of solutions that are perfectly tailored to your exact requirements.

Transparent Billing and Simplicity

Private jet management is extensive and really involved. There are so many spheres to consider. It is a sad fact that certain companies utilize this complexity to their own advantage, and it is not uncommon for certain hidden ‘extras’ to appear on each bill periodically.

You absolutely should make sure that you know what you are paying for. The easiest way to achieve this is by seeking out an aircraft management service that is transparent with its billing. Not only does this mean that you can trust them, but it also enables you to make sure that you are getting the service you are paying for.

Crewing Options

A strong jet management company will have the ability to arrange personnel in whichever form you require it. Whether you prefer to use your own pilots, want a specific member of the crew, or are happy to use their own provided solutions, good aircraft management services will be able to provide this.

They normally will deal with all of the finer details, including things like rostering, training, and ensuring that there is always a crew member on hand to fly your aircraft should you require it. 

Maintenance Solutions

Aircraft require significant maintenance to stay safe and airworthy. The ideal solution is to look for an aircraft management company that will hold your asset and look after it.

Not all companies are equal in this regard. Optimally, you should look for an operator with extensive experience with various aircraft. You should absolutely ensure that they have FAA oversight

Aircraft management companies, such as Sun Air Jets, are certified and approved to perform maintenance on the following manufacturer’s aircraft: 


It is no secret that luxuriousness is part of flying private. If you are utilizing the services of a private jet management company, you should reasonably expect that you will gain the benefit of their facilities. Therefore it makes sense to choose a company that offers the most value.

Large hangars and suitable storage are only one piece of the puzzle. You could also look at other facilities to suit your needs. Some operators offer onsite meeting rooms, not to mention comfortable lounges and other facilities that make your transit to the aircraft that much more enjoyable. 

Fleet Diversity

While you might wonder how an aircraft management company having its own diverse fleet of jets will benefit you, it shows that they are well-versed in handling different models of various fits and sizes. 

It may also demonstrate that they have a really large customer base, a surefire sign that they are worth dealing with. 

Chartering Options

Of course, how you utilize your aircraft is entirely at your discretion. 

Some customers require exclusive use of the aircraft, whereas others are happy for it to be utilized when they don’t need it. If you are considering chartering your asset, you need to be given plenty of options. Some management companies can be extremely in rigid in their chartering requirements, removing the whole benefit of having your own aircraft in the first place.

The best aircraft management service providers will find a solution that works for all parties.

Sun Air Jets has extensive experience in providing aircraft management services. Safety underpins our entire approach. When this is combined with an extensive history of excellent customer service and a range of options, we are the logical choice. We are able to provide all of the benefits described above, including maintenance, excellent facilities, and a warm welcome to you as our customer. Contact Sun Air Jets for more information.

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