Private Jet Management

The Importance of Jet Charter Management Services

In the community of private jet owners, it is common to hear phrases about private jet management. But knowing that these things exist and what they entail are two different things. Jet charter management is an important service that often goes overlooked. This service helps maintain the aircraft and keep it running at optimal performance.

Today, we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to discuss what jet charter management is so that you don’t let another day pass without taking advantage of all it has to offer. 

What is Private Jet Charter Management? 

First, you aren’t required to have anyone else manage your jet. However, doing so could land you some pretty big rewards – including a well-maintained jet. 

A private jet management company will look after your jet in all different aspects. They find experienced pilots to fly the plane, ensure all necessary maintenance is performed, and keep track of trips. Their job, in a sense, is just like an aircraft management company. 

When you enlist the help of a private jet management company that offers charters, you can make money to subsidize the cost of your aircraft when you are not using it. It is also a great way to generate income, too passively. 

Knowing that you have someone looking out for your private jet while it is not in use is the best way to ensure your jet is well-kept and ready to go when you need it. 

Why You Need Private Jet Charter Management

It is not uncommon for many private jet owners to find themselves on the fence about whether or not they should invest in this service. After all, is it needed? 

Consider this: You may own a private jet, but that does not mean you can fly it or find a qualified pilot – especially if you don’t know much about jet management. It also means you probably don’t know much about private jet maintenance and repairs

So, do you need a private jet charter management company? It could prove to be very beneficial – especially since most are in operation all hours of the day and night for your convenience.  

Most of these management companies will provide you with a long list of services that you will no longer have to worry about, including:

  • Flight planning
  • Flight booking
  • Hiring and training flight crew members
  • Handling the HR aspects of the crew, including payroll
  • Invoicing and payments for fuel, etc. 
  • Certifications and qualifications for air travel
  • All maintenance and repairs of the jet
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and restocking after each flight
  • All charter operation duties
  • Ground transportation arrangement

Remember that each private jet charter management company is different, and their services will vary. 

Benefits of Private Jet Charter Management

When you have someone else taking care of your private jet’s needs, you need to let them know when you want to go wheels up and then show up at the airport. You can be involved in the care and maintenance as much as you’d like – which makes it great for those who want to be an active private jet owner and those who want the convenience of having one when needed. 

Here are a few additional benefits: 

● Have confidence that your aircraft is well-maintained and cared for before you take to the skies. 

● Know that you have an experienced crew with all the right qualifications. 

● Your jet will always have the necessary certifications and safety inspections

● A reduction in fuel costs thanks to bulk orders. 

How to Find the Right Private Jet Charter Management Company

If you do a simple Google search, you will notice that many different management companies are claiming they are the best. So, how do you know? How do you find the right private jet management company? While each person will have the key factors that mean the most, it is essential to look at the bigger picture of what a company offers to ensure that it aligns with your needs. 

A few things you may want to consider include: 

  • The size of the company. 
  • Their safety record – and certifications.
  • The amenities and services they offer. 
  • Their time in the industry and their experience. 
  • How secure of a business is it? Has it been around a long time? 
  • The strength of their financial situation.

Sun Air Jet’s Management Service

If you are looking for a solution that will solve your aviation needs and take any heavy responsibility off your plate, look no further than Sun Air Jet’s management service. It is an excellent choice for all your needs – just let us count the ways!

Sun Air Jets private jet management tailors its services to fit your needs and goals by offering the following: 

Full Revenue Sharing

As a private jet owner, you will get paid on all revenue, including unflown charter hours, cancellation fees, minimum daily charges, empty leg revenue, and more, when you seek a management team. Plus, by choosing to allow charter services, you can maximize the efficiency of your asset. 

Detailed Financial Reporting

Provide your financial situation so Sun Air Jets’ private jet management team will provide you with statements, including all invoices and records, so you know what has been happening with your private jet. 

Asset Management Expertise, Sales Tax Refunds, and Consulting

You want your jet charter management team to have experts to help you benefit from savings on jet fuel, legal and financial consulting, and expertise in tax management. This knowledge also includes assistance with all California sales tax exemptions, refunds, and income and property tax records. 

No Markups on Fuel and Maintenance

Sun Air Jets charges for all costs associated with maintaining or running the aircraft without markup. 

Personnel Management Services

A personalized crew with specific experience is provided to ensure the best flight experience. This personalization includes selecting a qualified team, training, and managing time off and vacations. 

How To Choose

If you have decided to purchase a private jet, it is time to consider personal jet charter management to meet your aviation needs. Choosing the right jet management company can be challenging, but keeping your jet in the best condition is essential. Sun Air Jets offers a premier jet management service to keep your jet running smoothly and efficiently.

Private Jet Management

3 Popular Types of Aviation Fuel to Know

Jet fuel and AVGAS have been around for many years, but as companies explore more green and sustainable options, they have been looking for additional fuel sources. There are many different aircraft types, but they don’t all use the same aviation fuel. The type used depends on the design of the aircraft’s engine. There is a wide range of aviation fuels on the market today so let’s look at some of the top options.

1. Jet Fuel

Jet fuel is a type of aviation fuel used to power aircraft with turbine engines, including jet engines (as the name suggests) and turboprops. There are different types of this type of fuel that can be found, with the primary being Jet A, Jet A-1, and Jet B. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Jet A Fuel

Jet A is the most common aviation fuel type in the United States. It is a kerosene fuel with a higher flash and freezing point than standard, commonly-used kerosene. Many jets and turboprops run well on Jet-A fuel.

Jet A-1 Fuel

On an international level, Jet A-1 is the most commonly used aviation fuel type. Its freezing point is lower than Jet A, meaning it can work well in nearly any climate. Plus, it has additives that reduce the number of static charges.

It is not uncommon for jets to switch back and forth between Jet A and Jet A-1 aviation fuel.

Jet B Fuel

Jet B fuel is a mixture of kerosene and gasoline, commonly 35% to 65%, respectively. It works well and is often the most sought alternative to the aviation fuel types mentioned above. Jet B fuel is often used more for just jet engines and not for turboprops.

Issues Involving Jet Fuel

There are several different types of jet fuel consumed daily around the world. But not all of them are without issues. The biggest problem is contamination which often comes from water and fuel-consuming microbes. The water may dissolve into the fuel, but any remaining water can allow microbes to grow and live on the power. This build-up causes microbial contamination and constant threat – presenting issues such as clogged filters, the corrosion of tank coatings, and degraded fuel. Aviation specialists take different measures to help limit microbial growth.

2. AVGAS Aviation Fuel

AVGAS stands for aviation gasoline. Small private aircraft and older propeller planes are the only consumers of this fuel type. In other words, it works well for aircraft with engines requiring leaded fuel (tetraethyl lead) and a high octane number, such as 100. For an engine to run on avgas, it has to have a gasoline engine.

One of the biggest downfalls of avgas is its cost. It is a costly fuel type as most of the industry has shifted its product to other fuel types. The result? Remember, any turbine-powered aircraft (as well as those with diesel engines) will always require kerosene, i.e., jet fuel. Those needing avgas face challenges with slow production and long waits.

The Need for Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Between jet fuel and avgas, the aviation world is looking for something new that will lower their carbon footprint in the future. In other words, a sustainable aviation fuel that will be ecologically friendly. The industry-wide goal is to reach carbon neutrality by the year 2050 in the U.S.

The idea behind this new fuel type is that it has to be as efficient as current types of aviation fuel and readily accessible. Making it easy to obtain and its overall ease of use without issue will make it a better fit for the industry that always runs on time. Everything from renewable energy sources to hydrogen power and even electric batteries have been discussed and considered as options.

The good news is the push for cleaner and healthier alternatives are there. Even natural gasses have the potential to make a difference since they have nearly 30% fewer emissions than the current jet fuel. And one day, fossil fuels that have been around for decades will be replaced – or at least outnumbered – by all the aircraft burning sustainable, environmentally-friendly fuels. Combining sustainable aviation fuel and carbon offsets will help reduce our carbon impact.

3. Biokerosene Aviation Fuel

Biofuel is made from renewable or recycled organic material and can come from all sources. For instance, oil seeds like sunflower and palm will work, as well as used oil and grease from restaurants, farm waste from the agricultural industry, and more. The fuel forms from microalgae that scientists cultivated in a tank. There are so many advantages to biofuels in the aviation industry, such as:

  • They won’t require many engine overhauls;
  • They could cut co2 emissions caused by air travel by as much as 90%;
  • And they should be relatively easy and accessible when they become more readily available.

Currently, the industry is testing different options to see what the safest, most effective, and efficient options may be. One that had several successful tests is biokerosene. Biokerosene is a mixture of both biofuel and kerosene, hence the name. It is currently being researched to see if it can work in the long-run using algae or biofuels from camelina oil and jatropha. Unfortunately, even though the technology is there to make this a more commonly used fuel, there is no industrial-scale production.

Key Takeaways on Aviation Fuel

The aviation world accounts for a lot of the air pollution left behind. This pollution is why we need to make strides to find a cleaner and more sustainable fuel source. Until then, understanding the different types of aviation fuel, avgas, and biokerosene (or other biofuels) and which engine requires each, you should have what you need to get by. Regardless of your aircraft type, stopping to refuel should be an easy, hassle-free experience every time.

Private Jet Management

Everything You Need to Know About Executive Jet Management

Flying private is a luxurious experience. If you have a private jet you can sail high above the clouds in a plush leather seat making conference calls and whisking yourself off to an exotic destination.

Executive jet management is the term used to describe all of the services that are offered through an executive jet management company. An executive jet management company takes a different approach to the relationship with its owners.  

The company approaches it more as a partnership with the owners where they provide the asset and the company provides the expertise and the resources to make sure that the asset operates efficiently for them.

So when you take your aircraft to an executive jet company they take the time to sit down and figure out what you want and what you need and what your goals are both operationally and financially. Also, it offers advantages of ownership without the pressure of handling complex day-to-day operations.

Executive Jet Management Services

Executive jet management plays an essential role in luxury travel and makes flying privately safe and efficient. 

Flight Planning and Ground Transportation

An executive jet management company arranges flight planning and ground transportation. Their team efficiently arrange your travel down to the last detail. The client’s flying experience starts from the time they leave their home or office to go to the airport.

When they land, their excursion goes on until they arrive at their final destination, regardless of whether it be their home or a hotel. The entire excursion from one place to another is a calm and pleasant experience.


An aircraft needs maintenance from time to time. However, when the need for maintenance arises, a jet management company will be sure to have expert mechanics to handle the job. 

Aircraft needs more than just refueling. When you are in the air, you want to know that the jet you are flying in has been taken care of – from routine maintenance to deeper, proactive repairs. Novice mechanics have a lot to learn. That is why management companies also seek out the most experienced experts in the field to go over every detail of the jet before it ever leaves the ground.

Charter Operation to Boost Revenue

An executive jet company can help you to boost revenue while you are not using it. Managed aircraft need owner approval before the aircraft management company can sign a charter contract with a consumer or broker. 

In some cases, it’s a blanket approval, although more often it’s for time periods updated month by month, week by week, or even for each individual request.

That way, you can get a steady and predictable revenue flow from your jet even if you are not using it.

Flight Crew

Private aircraft usually require one flight attendant, but you can request two if preferred. The flight attendant assigned to that aircraft usually flies with the owner regularly and knows the aircraft. For instance, they’ll know where the supplies are, how the galley equipment operates, and how to convert seats to beds where possible.

An executive jet company takes care of the training, payroll, scheduling, and insurance. In case you are not satisfied with the performance of your existing crew the jet company will source a crew from their pool of industry-leading aviators.

Federal Aviation Administration Requirements

Air charter operations — also known as commuter and on-demand operations — require a higher level of FAA pilot training and certification, aircraft maintenance procedures, and operational safety rules, than pilots who may take family or friends for an airplane ride. FAA inspectors perform more frequent periodic checks on air charter companies’ pilots, crewmembers and aircraft than they do on private pilot operations. And charter companies’ crewmembers must undergo regular proficiency checks to maintain their FAA certifications.

An executive jet management company exceed FAA requirements while aligning your private jet with domestic or international travel regulations.

Advantages of Executive Jet Management

If you own and operate a private jet, you already know that managing your jet is not only expensive but can also feel like a full-time job. If you are tired of wasting time, money, and resources overseeing your private jet, you may be ready to tap into the many advantages that come with using executive jet management services. Using aircraft management services will give peace of mind to you and your passengers. 

Managing your private aircraft can feel like an overwhelming task. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages you might see by hiring an executive jet management company? A few of those advantages and disadvantages are as under.

Cost Savings

Professional management providers can leverage group rates for their partners on various amenities such as fuel and maintenance allowing them to pass on potentially significant savings directly to jet owners.

Rigorous Commitment to Safety Standards

A high-performing aircraft management company will offer an unwavering commitment to superior craft safety, security, and operational performance.

Reduced HR Obligations

Working with an aircraft maintenance partner to staff your plane does more than grant you access to industry-leading professionals. It can also reduce many of your company’s HR responsibilities and risks. 

Essential Services and Offerings to Look for Screening Companies

The screening potential partners look for 24/7 on-duty flight coordinators for around-the-clock scheduling. It maximizes passenger convenience.

Additionally, you will also want to make sure that your management crew also offers a private passenger terminal and heated aircraft hangar to drive traveler enjoyment and satisfaction throughout the entire flying experience.

Disadvantages of Executive Jet Management

The disadvantage of hiring an executive jet management company is cost. Paying for an executive jet management company is yet another expense associated with owning an aircraft. However, in comparison with many other aspects of ownership, it is insignificant.

For large and established businesses, paying a high price for chartered flights is not a problem. These trips are an investment for them. However, startups, small businesses, and personal flyers may not be too comfortable about the costs. It’s good then that many private jet charter companies offer several options for passengers looking for a practical investment.

Private Jet Management

Select the Right Aircraft Hanger & FBO for Your Private Jet

Anyone who has owned an aircraft is aware that selecting and leasing the right aircraft hanger and FBO services for your private jet should involve in-depth research and careful consideration before arriving at a decision. 

Despite the fact that there may be thousands of privately owned jets across the world, most private jet owners don’t give a second thought as to where these are stored when they are not in use. However, to preserve these expensive machines in the best condition possible, it is essential to store them effectively. 

Below are a few things to consider when renting or selecting the right aircraft hanger and FBO for your private jet.


Location is an important factor to consider when it comes to renting an aircraft hanger. The biggest benefit of owning a private jet is a great amount of timing flexibility and freedom. Your jet needs fuel even to get started. So selecting an aircraft hanger close to your home or place of business should be your first priority. 

Airplane Size

Finding the right hanger for your private jet depends on the size of your aircraft. Hangers come in many different shapes and sizes and finding the right one for your aircraft can be tricky. 

The two most common hanger designs are a T shape, which fits the plane snugly, or a rectangular shape that allows for a little more room in the hanger when the plane is parked. Both designs are good, so the best hanger design depends upon your specific needs. 

A hobbyist may prefer a T design, while a hanger from a corporate plane might find a larger rectangle hanger better because it gives them a little more room to move around.


Hangers at urban airports are more expensive than the ones at regional airports.  It is because all urban airports have 24/7 access to repair stations.

Whereas most hangers at regional airports do not offer 24/7 access to repair stations. If the airport doesn’t offer easy access to a repair station you will have to spend a lot of money whenever your plane needs repairing and maintenance.

Protection from Natural Elements and Theft

One of the most important benefits of an airplane hanger is that it will lower the overall costs of maintaining your aircraft. Storing your aircraft lowers the cost of flying significantly in several ways. Exposure to the sun, wind, snow, and hail can cause costly repairs. An airplane hanger will help reduce wear and tear on the paint and upholstery exposed to damaging UV rays.

Aircraft hangers are formed to combat hot weather and snowstorms so keeping your private jet in a durable hanger will keep it in excellent condition. It will also protect you from the theft of aircraft and equipment.

Is Chartering an Opportunity?

Charter is a great idea to outweigh specified costs acquired, nevertheless of how often or seldom you fly your jet. The easiest way to make jet revenue and offset your ownership costs is by offering your jet for charter when you are not using it. 

To do this legally, your jet must be added to an FAA Part 135 Air Carrier certificate.


If you are searching for a permanent aircraft hanger, purchasing is a good choice. If you are on a tight budget or only need a hanger for casual operation, renting is your finest pledge. 

Forming a hanger can be an excellent choice if you have the time and resources available but it is essential to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages thoroughly before making a decision.

Renting an Aircraft Hanger

Renting an aircraft hanger offers a range of options. Which one suits you revolve around cost and risk resistance.

Shared Airport Hanger

Parking your airplane in a shared FBO Airport hanger is an affordable option. Airports have a greater supply of space, allowing them to store more planes. Thus, reducing the cost per plane parked. Easy access to an FBO makes maintenance and repairs a breeze.

There are a few downsides to sharing space. All the aircraft parked in the hanger are vulnerable to hanger rash. The term refers to harm to a jet because of inappropriate chore checking. Hanger managers use tugs to position aircraft. 

Positioning aircraft requires a group of four paying special attention to each corner of the aircraft. Operating in this manner forestalls harm to the aircraft. Parking two planes close to one another could cause a little dent. However, a dent in the aircraft isn’t similar to a dent in a car door. Any bargain to the basic stability of a jet can draw fatal consequences for the flight.

Other than hanger rash, you could likewise find that the airport hanger is at the maximum capacity. Flight delays occur for a bunch of reasons, yet that could abandon you with no spot to park your jet.

Outdoor Tie-Down

Not technically “hangering,” this may be a good option in areas where the risk of weather damage is low. Tying down an aircraft that is stored outside reduces the risk of damage from strong winds that could cause damage to the plane. The cost of a tie-down is usually significantly lower than hangering.

However, keep in mind that aircraft threatened by natural factors will probably experience more wear and tear and demand more upkeep and repairs than those kept indoors.

Shared Private Hangers

Many private individuals have hangers that can store multiple aircraft. The expense of renting a shared hanger from a private individual is reasonably low.  Sometimes, the private individual adds services like maintenance as part of the contract, which can boost the value of this option.

Individual Rented Hanger

Renting a hanger where you only store your airplane gives maximum assurance with minimal risk of hanger rash. But that assurance is not cost-efficient. The individual rented hanger is the most exorbitant type of aircraft storage. 

Also, it is difficult to track down private hangers for rent in certain areas. However, if your primary concern is safeguarding your airplane investment, an individual rented hanger may be the best approach.

Get Top-Grade FBO Services & More!

Interested in aircraft hanger storage for your private jet? Contact Sun Air Jets today! We’ve got you covered with our award-winning FBO services at our Camarillo airport, complete with plenty of amenities and features.

Private Jet Management

The Importance of Private Jet Management

If you own a private jet, then you will undoubtedly have heard about private jet management. Choosing a provider can be a big decision, and you may not be sure that it is the right move for you. The truth is that private jet management is important and will allow you to get the most out of your investment. Today, we will take a look at what private jet management is, highlight some of the benefits, and show you what it can provide.

What is Private Jet Management?

Private jet management is the utilization of a third-party company that will oversee, run and manage your asset. They will deal with most tasks, both big and small, to ensure optimal availability for your aircraft, as well as making sure that it is fully maintained and crewed so it can be used. 

There are two types of private jet management: –

  • Turnkey Aircraft Management
  • Charter Aircraft Management

Let’s go into the above in a little more detail. 

Turnkey Private Jet Management

This is an all-in-one package, where the private jet management company handles everything about the aircraft. This includes ‘bigger picture’ things such as maintenance and crewing, all the way down to the smaller details. They will literally handle everything.

Charter Aircraft Management

Charter aircraft management is used to effectively ‘hire out’ the jet to other individuals when you aren’t using it. There are many considerations to utilizing this service. Still, it is something that you’ll ideally want a third-party company to do, as it is very involved. 

What does Private Jet Management Provide?

The good news about private jet management is that you can find a whole range of useful services that, individually, could mount up and become very time-consuming. You can expect to find the following services as part of a usual aircraft management package: –

  • Maintenance
  • Crewing for each flight
  • Crew training
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Aircraft certification
  • Insurance
  • Security
  • Storage and hangarage
  • Refueling
  • Aircraft utilization and optimization
  • Flight planning
  • Cleaning
  • Onward travel and logistics
  • Flight booking

If you take any single one of the above points on this list, you’ll be able to see just how much value you get from a private jet management company. Each of these points is normally quite broad and time-consuming in scope. 

When looking at things like flight certification and maintenance, it also pays to remember that this isn’t optional but is a legally mandatory requirement.

Flight crewing and training is also an area that requires dedicated specialist knowledge to arrange and manage.

As the above list demonstrates, you are getting quite a lot in a single package.  

Is Private Jet Management Expensive?

While not strictly ‘cheap,’ the true answer to the question of the cost of private jet management is that it depends. Different companies have different rates, and it is well worth noting that the cheapest option might not be the best for you.

Take a look at the above list of services you can expect. You may very well find that certain companies do not provide all of the above services, so although they at first appear cheaper, there may be gaps in how well your aircraft and its operation are taken care of. 

Other variables include how you intend to use the jet. Aircraft management charter services will help to offset the cost. The jet will be generating revenue when you are not using it. It is well worth remembering that adding airframe hours to an aircraft will lower its value. Private jets rarely run on a cost-neutral or profit basis. 

The Benefits of Private Jet Management

There are several reasons why it makes sense to utilize private jet management companies. Here are a few that you may want to consider: 


Part of the advantage of flying private is that you can go where you want, when you want. The aircraft needs to be available with little notice for that to happen. A private jet management company can make this a reality. 

With as little as an email or phone call, you will be able to find your aircraft prepped on the apron, fueled up, with a crew, and ready to go. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Safety and Legal Compliance

As we stated above, aircraft require almost constant maintenance to ensure that they are safe and airworthy. This simply must be done. 

By utilizing a private jet management company (many of whom have their own in-house maintenance team), you can ensure that the work performed on your aircraft is to the highest possible standard. You’ll also be able to see a private jet management companies safety records, so you’ll know that you are in good hands. 


The aircraft should ideally be available when you need it. A good company will discuss your requirements with you to ensure that there is never a scheduling conflict, allowing you to travel when you like.

You will be able to choose what type of management you are looking for. There are many options and plans available for providing charter services. 

A good private jet management company will work with you to ensure the perfect solution. Inflexibility in a company can mean that you are getting few of the benefits while they reap the rewards

It Could Save You Money

There is a lot of money in private aviation, and many of the services, when purchased individually, can soon add up to an astronomical sum each month! By utilizing the services of a private jet management company, they will have experience of where the best services for your aircraft can be found at the most cost-effective price.

As a result, they will be able to pass some of this saving onto you.

Sun Air Jets offers private jet management services and a range of options to suit you as an owner. With modern facilities, an award-winning safety record, and the ability to provide expert maintenance, we are the go-to choice. 

If you would like to know more about our private jet management options, you can find more information on our website, or alternatively, contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Private Jet Management

What to Look for in Aircraft Management Services

Choosing an aircraft management service is no easy task. There is a multitude of providers out there, and some offer more than others. A private aircraft is no small investment. You will absolutely want to make sure that your investment is protected and can be utilized in exactly the manner you require. Today we will show you what to look for in aircraft management services, so you can make the best possible choice.

Safety Certification

There’s a reason why we have included safety as the first requirement. A strong commitment to safety should be the overriding criteria that need to be addressed before looking at any other service an aircraft management company provides.

Any company worth it’s salt will be able to provide a flawless record of keeping aircraft, employees, and passengers entirely safe. 

Look for certifications that back up what you are told. Accreditations from organizations such as the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) are well worth looking out for. A promising sign is when management services voluntarily subscribe to safety regulation, a good example of which is the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS/BAO).

The above both demonstrate a real commitment to safe operation. 

Customer Service

It is no secret that private jet management requires a substantial investment. Any organization that doesn’t value you as a customer doesn’t deserve your business. You can assess this from the very start. 

When contacting an aircraft management service, assess how they treat you. If it isn’t good when you are going to offer the business, it likely isn’t going to improve, especially if you have stringent requirements in the future.

The best option is to look for a private jet service with a solid history in looking after their customers. Look for companies that will work with you and are happy to help.


Solid form goes a long way when looking for a good aircraft management service. Established companies will have stayed around for a reason. 

By utilizing an aircraft management service with experience, you can be assured that whatever requirements you have, they will have been catered for before. Experienced operators tend to have the skills to be much more flexible too. They will offer a range of solutions that are perfectly tailored to your exact requirements.

Transparent Billing and Simplicity

Private jet management is extensive and really involved. There are so many spheres to consider. It is a sad fact that certain companies utilize this complexity to their own advantage, and it is not uncommon for certain hidden ‘extras’ to appear on each bill periodically.

You absolutely should make sure that you know what you are paying for. The easiest way to achieve this is by seeking out an aircraft management service that is transparent with its billing. Not only does this mean that you can trust them, but it also enables you to make sure that you are getting the service you are paying for.

Crewing Options

A strong jet management company will have the ability to arrange personnel in whichever form you require it. Whether you prefer to use your own pilots, want a specific member of the crew, or are happy to use their own provided solutions, good aircraft management services will be able to provide this.

They normally will deal with all of the finer details, including things like rostering, training, and ensuring that there is always a crew member on hand to fly your aircraft should you require it. 

Maintenance Solutions

Aircraft require significant maintenance to stay safe and airworthy. The ideal solution is to look for an aircraft management company that will hold your asset and look after it.

Not all companies are equal in this regard. Optimally, you should look for an operator with extensive experience with various aircraft. You should absolutely ensure that they have FAA oversight

Aircraft management companies, such as Sun Air Jets, are certified and approved to perform maintenance on the following manufacturer’s aircraft: 


It is no secret that luxuriousness is part of flying private. If you are utilizing the services of a private jet management company, you should reasonably expect that you will gain the benefit of their facilities. Therefore it makes sense to choose a company that offers the most value.

Large hangars and suitable storage are only one piece of the puzzle. You could also look at other facilities to suit your needs. Some operators offer onsite meeting rooms, not to mention comfortable lounges and other facilities that make your transit to the aircraft that much more enjoyable. 

Fleet Diversity

While you might wonder how an aircraft management company having its own diverse fleet of jets will benefit you, it shows that they are well-versed in handling different models of various fits and sizes. 

It may also demonstrate that they have a really large customer base, a surefire sign that they are worth dealing with. 

Chartering Options

Of course, how you utilize your aircraft is entirely at your discretion. 

Some customers require exclusive use of the aircraft, whereas others are happy for it to be utilized when they don’t need it. If you are considering chartering your asset, you need to be given plenty of options. Some management companies can be extremely in rigid in their chartering requirements, removing the whole benefit of having your own aircraft in the first place.

The best aircraft management service providers will find a solution that works for all parties.

Sun Air Jets has extensive experience in providing aircraft management services. Safety underpins our entire approach. When this is combined with an extensive history of excellent customer service and a range of options, we are the logical choice. We are able to provide all of the benefits described above, including maintenance, excellent facilities, and a warm welcome to you as our customer. Contact Sun Air Jets for more information.

Private Jet Management

How to Choose a Private Jet Aircraft Management Company

There are numerous benefits to owning a private jet. Flexibility, comfort, and being self-sufficient are all wonderful features. But protecting your investment and knowing that you are in safe hands should come as part of the package.

In this article, we will explore some of the key factors you need to consider in order to understand how to choose a private jet aircraft management company.

How to Choose a Private Jet Aircraft Management Company

As a private jet owner, safety should be your overriding consideration above all others. When choosing a private jet management company, you want them to reflect this mantra too. Everyone will want your business, but it is up to you to do your due diligence and ask the relevant questions.

You’ll want to consider the following:

  • Does the private jet management company have things such as ‘just culture reporting’? 
  • Do they have a safety management system?
  • Are they audited by third parties on their safety culture?
  • Is there an accountable person with regard to safety?
  • What is the history of the company?
  • Is the private jet management company fully compliant with regard to FAA rules?

Here are some things you need to consider in order to understand how to choose a private jet aircraft management company.


Of course, it isn’t going to be cheap. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for great value when choosing a private jet management company. It is well worth investigating all of the costs before choosing. Here are some areas that might seem small but will add up to a greater whole and can be quite variable across the industry: –

Crew Costs

How much does the management company pay their pilots and crew? Is it the ‘going rate’, or do they offer extras that would likely be conveyed to potential owners? 

Administrative Charges

From rostering and scheduling to aircraft utilization and billing, some companies charge for every individual decision, while others include it as part of the package. Is maintenance oversight included? Scheduling and dispatching? As a result, managing and administrating how the aircraft is used can often come with additional associated costs.


It is well worth checking insurance liabilities and what is offered. Some companies base the premiums on the value of the hull, and others are limited in terms of what they do and do not  cover. If you need to call on insurance, the time to find out the limits of coverage isn’t after something has already happened. 

Hangarage, Parking Fees, and Extras

While it may seem relatively trivial smaller fees such as hangarage and parking can soon add up, especially if the jet isn’t being used regularly. Additionally, does the management company have hangarage available or will your aircraft be parked outside when at its home base?

Fuel is also a big consideration. If the base of your chosen operator charges above the going rate for fueling the aircraft or adds supplements, then this can soon begin to add up if the jet is being used often.


Is your aircraft in safe hands? Most likely, but this is worth considering when choosing a private jet aircraft management company.

You may have a preference for your own pilots. However, some companies can offer to utilize them as part of the package. 

Alternatively, you might require a greater degree of flexibility. For example, many management companies have a pool of cross-trained pilots over several different types of jets. They are also responsible for managing the finer details of a pilots ‘employment’ such as benefits, terms and conditions, and HR considerations.

Chartering Options?

If you seldom use your jet, you can consider using a management company to charter the aircraft. This will allow them to utilize it when you aren’t flying the aircraft for your own trips. The upsides of this agreement are that you might be able to reduce the cost of owning and operating a jet.

However, it should be noted that there is a downside depending on your charter agreement. If you find that the aircraft is being utilized more often, you can sometimes expect a significant increase in overhead costs. Limits such as checks based on the number of hours and cycles flown will occur more quickly!


Speaking of hourly checks, you will certainly want to think about maintenance agreements. A well-maintained airplane will save you money in the long run. But hopefully, you haven’t forgotten the very first point we made either? Safety first. 

If your chosen private jet aircraft management company completes maintenance in-house and on-site, this provides you a greater benefit. Your aircraft will be available more often, and as a result, you can enjoy all of the benefits and flexibility that come along with it. 

As a happy aside, you’ll generally find it cheaper and quicker to entrust your aircraft’s maintenance requirements to an in-house management solution than searching for a third-party maintenance provider and trying to coordinate it.

Transparent Billing

Have you ever entered into a service agreement and struggled to understand the cost breakdown? Often the little ‘hidden’ things all add up. 

Ideally, you want an invoice to arrive and immediately be able to see the costs involved. By getting a detailed breakdown, you can closely monitor what you have paid for and why.

Aside from financial implications, you can gain a full sense of trust in your private jet management company by having a transparent billing method. 

Go with Your Gut?

If something looks good and feels good, it probably is good. There is little scope for operators breaking the rules in such a heavily regulated industry and going ‘beyond the pale’. All that said, even with regulation, some companies are better than others. 

How did you feel when you reviewed your options? Who had the information you needed readily to hand, and how were you treated as you made inquiries? Any company that didn’t have time to value you before you were a customer is unlikely to offer any improvement after committing to them.

Knowing how to choose a private jet aircraft management company means treading a fine line between cost-effectiveness, good value, and customer service. There are a lot of considerations and owning a private jet can be complex. However, companies like Sun Air Jets have a wealth of experience in managing private jet operations. With Part 145 maintenance approval, detailed financial reporting, and the ability to manage their personnel, they are an excellent choice for managing your jet

Contact Sun Air Jets to discuss your private jet aircraft management today.


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