The Luxury of Traveling by Hawker 900XP Charter

There are so many different private jets to choose from that deciding on which one to charter can be a bit overwhelming. You want to consider the distance you will be traveling, the number of travelers you will have with you, and what you intend to do while in the air. There are many private jets to choose from with different things to offer. Some offer more amenities, while others feature more space onboard. And some travel further distances before needing to stop and refuel. The Hawker 900XP is waiting for you on your next chartered flight. 

But no matter what you are looking for, there is a good chance that the Hawker 900XP will be the right fit for your needs. 

Advantages of Flying via Hawker 900XP Charter

Why spend the extra money on a private Hawker 900XP charter when commercial airliners are cheaper? Well, that is one thing you may not truly appreciate until you try it yourself. When you choose to forego traditional air travel and book a charter, you will notice the difference before you even finish booking. 


You get to choose when you would like to fly out. This makes traveling convenient for your plans. If you want to leave at 6 am to have a full day at your destination, great. If you prefer flying after the sun sets, that’s great too. 

Non-Stop Flights

Unless you must stop for fuel, you can rest easy knowing that your flight is nonstop—no need to change planes halfway through your trip or have a layover that is hours long. Your private jet will take you directly to your destination. After all, you are the only passenger. 

Comfortable Accommodations

You aren’t squished with strangers on a private jet. Instead, you have comfortable seating, the ability to move around, lounge back and sleep, dine comfortably at a table, and much more.

Fly Into Private Airports

You don’t have to make your way through commercial airports. Instead, enjoy the amenities that come with FBOs. You won’t have to worry about long security lines, arriving hours ahead of your departure time, or crowded airports. The experience at most FBOs is better than you could imagine. 

Safety Standards

Chartered jets must maintain specific licenses and certifications with the FAA to prove their level of safety and maintain charter services. They perform routine maintenance and thoroughly check the plane before each flight. And, due to their size, they are much easier to sanitize. 

Choosing Your Charter

Flying via a private charter gives you access to the above advantages. But perhaps one of the most under-rated reasons for flying a private jet charter is that you can choose your jet. This is even better than owning your jet because you can take advantage of all types and sizes of jets available. And that includes the Hawker 900XP. Because there are numerous private jet benefits, choosing charter services will be worth it.

In the meantime, let’s talk about a few perks of chartering a Hawker 900XP.

Travel by Hawker 900XP Charter

Ready to take a flight that may change your life? The Hawker 900XP charter is an excellent choice for traveling and has a high luxury and reliability rate. From the moment you step on board, you come face-to-face with an aircraft that has pushed through to advance the aviation industry. Many in the industry believe it to be a legacy. 

A few incredible features set it apart from other charter options. Let’s talk about what this jet has to offer you as its passenger. 

There is space for eight passengers comfortably, and it can also hold a decent amount of baggage, up to 50 cubic feet. There is one lavatory on board with a full vanity in the back of the jet and a full forward galley with a microwave oven and coffee maker. 

You can relax in the cushioned reclining chairs and put your feet up. Though getting up and moving around is relatively easy, the height is 5’9″. It may not accommodate all passengers but allows more overhead space than many other options. 

Enjoy the complimentary WIFI to stay connected in any critical way – whether that means getting work done, answering emails, binging your favorite Netflix show, or catching up with everyone’s life on social media. Or, you can kick back to some music or watch a movie on the DVD/CD entertainment system and LCD monitors.

Of course, you can just nap because your accommodations are 100% private. You don’t even have to worry about snoring. 

Specs of the Hawker 900XP

Regarding numbers, the Hawker 900XP specs are very impressive. So not only does it look fantastic and give you a comfortable flight, but it even measures up with the nitty-gritty technical details. 

  • It can fly up to 2800 Nautical Miles, so you can easily travel between Los Angeles and New York. And in well under 6 hours. 
  • The cabin is 6ft wide and 5’9″ in height
  • You may find a cold food box 
  • Coffee maker

And so much more. 

Hawker’s Dependability

Hawker aircraft have been around for decades. Just after WWI, the engineering for these jets started to take form. By the time WWII came around, Hawker jets had played an essential role in winning many battles. 

Today’s Hawker 900XP has turned from war hero to luxury jet. But the name and history that backs them show how dependable they are. At Sun Air Jets, we offer travelers only the best of the best. And that includes this Hawker jet. Not only will you get the comforts found on board, the confidence in the maintenance and safety, and the understanding that they come with outstanding reliability, but you also get a private jet charter experience like no other. 

Where will you have the Hawker 900XP take you? 


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