Global 6000

Global Express 6000: Speed and Efficiency

Flying in a 2015 Global 6000 is an experience like no other. Our aircraft provides a quiet and comfortable oasis in the sky, making it one of the most stylish aircrafts in private jet travel. With a range of 7,000 miles and a Mach 0.89 operating speed, this jet is built for fast and efficient travel. In a Global 6000, flights from Los Angeles to New York are a breeze, and intercontinental flights such as New York to London can be conducted with ease. Because of the Global 6000’s ability for speed, nonstop travel is more than possible and there is no reason to stop and refuel. Currently, the Global 6000 holds the record for speed from Aspen, CO to London City Airport and from London City Airport to New York City.

The Global 6000’s range is one of its most desirable features. For example, flights from Tokyo to Moscow, or London to Milan can be conducted very easily. This global range of mobility, paired with a luxurious traveling experience is what makes the Global 6000 a truly special aircraft.


Global 6000 Features

The Global 6000 was specifically designed for intercontinental travel. The model itself was upgraded to have increased traveling range, cabin layout, lighting, and a higher cruise speed. However, the most considerable upgrade in this model is the Vision flight deck. Added safety features to the deck provide more control for pilots, and the improvements in the computer systems advance the craft’s ability to maneuver through the skies.

The Global 6000 features a high-performance twin-engine that provides its ability for global range. Because of the extra force exerted by the engine, the aircraft has a short field capability for its large size. This means it requires less runway to land—about 2,700 feet to be exact!


Interior Features

  • 10 captain’s chairs, two 3-seat couches
  • 7 Berthable beds
  • International and Domestic Wi-Fi
  • 3 passenger Satcom phones
  • Surround sound DVD and flat screen displays
  • High-speed internet service for movies, books, TV shows, weather updates, flight times, and web surfing
  • Full service galley with conventional and microwave ovens



The 2015 Global 6000 seats a total of 16 passengers. Included in our private plane charters are seven berthable beds and two, three-seat coaches, perfect for a long-term and short-term sleeping. In all of the Global 6000 models there are a total of ten comfortable captain chairs. These chairs are designed to be spacious, providing increased legroom compared to other long-range jets. Due the long periods of time travelers spend sitting down, our chairs are equipped with comfortable cushioning and unlimited elbow room. The Global 6000 jet was designed to have social and private seating areas, providing comfortable resting spaces, and allow for an overall comfortable lounging experience.



While in flight, passengers have access to free international and domestic wi-fi. While aboard the Global 6000, passengers are given free Gogo Biz high-speed internet services for all your entertainment and business purposes. Each Global 6000 flight has 12 ipads to provide passengers the ability to work or play while on their way to their destination. Included in each aircraft are three Satcom phones and surround sound DVD and flat screen monitors.


Bombardier Global Express Models

The Bombardier Global Express is a business jet line manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. The Canadian line currently carries three different models, each varying in features and design. The models include the Global Express, Global 5000, and the Global 6000. Bombardier is currently in the process of developing two more crafts, the Global 7000 and Global 8000. Each model is used for different fields of operation. For example, the Global Express has been modified for military missions for nine different countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

Bombardier Inc. History

Bombardier Inc. is built on the drive for innovation. For 80 years the company has thrived off of its ability to create and advance the field of transportation. It all began in Canada in 1937, when Joseph-Armand Bombardier obtained his first patent for his development of the B7 snowmobile. The invention stemmed from his believe that he could make travel safer and more efficient for the Canadian people during the winter season. From his original desire to advance Canadian transportation, this eventually lead to his snow plow, l’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée. However, because of added competition, Joseph Armand created new features to the model and opened  a large 1000-unit mass production plant. From the 1940s to current day, Bombardier Inc. has prided itself in testing the boundaries of human transportation. Year after year, the company has created new products such as cars, subways, trains, and eventually planes. Today, the company continues its rhetoric by developing high-quality aircrafts for both corporate, business, and military operations.




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