In response to rising concerns over Coronavirus (COVID-19), Sun Air Jets would like to reassure our charter customers, aircraft owners, and other visitors of our proactive and thorough processes to safeguard the health and safety of our guests and employees.

In addition to our existing risk-averse safety measures, we’ve established COVID Care – an initiative that includes additional safety protocols and procedures to protect against COVID-19.

Monitor crew health

Private jet travel offers the advantage of being a highly sanitary mode of transportation. Those who fly privately avoid the large crowds of commercial travel, experience less touch points for reduced exposure, and have more control over who is onboard – including the crew.

Since March, our crews have been asked to integrate extra caution into their daily lives in accordance with Federal, State, and local guidelines, including practicing social distancing and wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when leaving their homes or hotel rooms.

To monitor crew health, we’ve also added the following procedures within COVID Care:

  • When assigned a trip, Sun Air Jets’ crews have their temperature taken prior to reporting for duty, and must verify they are symptom-free.
  • Pilots have been assigned to a permanent team of 2 or 3 crew members to reduce unnecessary exposure.
  • Crew members are provided supplies to sanitize their surroundings (hotels, car rentals, etc.) while on the road.

Sanitize aircraft with hospital-grade disinfectants

Those who board a Sun Air Jets aircraft can receive peace of mind knowing our aircraft undergo a thorough and comprehensive cleaning process.

  • Each aircraft cabin is cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants by our in-house professional cleaning staff before and after every trip.
  • We use the first and only authentically botanical hospital-grade disinfectant on our airplanes, Benefect®. It kills 99.99% of germs without any risk to our health or environment.
  • On top of utilizing Benefect® to sanitize our aircraft, we also use QuestSpecialty Corp.’s Concept Hospital Disinfectant Fogger that acts as both a germicidal and virucidal cleaner, which kills microorganisms that cause viral and bacterial infections and deactivates viruses.

Dedicated to your inflight safety

In order to operate flights in accordance with the latest guidance from national and international health agencies, we’ve implemented restrictions on who may board our aircraft. We’ve also required our crews to identify potential risk factors to passengers to further mitigate risk to you and your guests.

  • Crews will check passenger temperatures with a “no-touch” thermometer prior to boarding. Any passenger with a temperature over 100.4°F, in accordance with CDC guidelines, will not be allowed to board.
  • During a trip, all crew interactions with passengers will occur with PPE such as masks and gloves. We ask that all passengers wear masks during their interactions with crew as well. We can provide PPE to guests as needed.
  • Amenities such as hand sanitizers and a PhoneSoap cleaning device to disinfect guest’s electronic devices will be available.
  • All standard catering stock items have been removed from the cabin. Passengers will have the opportunity to make stock requests from our sanitized selection or may request items from our approved caterers.
  • For multi-leg or roundtrip flights, crews will clean the aircraft after guests disembark so that a sanitized aircraft is ready for their return flight.

Adjustments to FBO and facilities

The Sun Air Jets’ FBO in Camarillo and our facility at the Van Nuys Airport is still fully operational and open 24/7. COVID Care includes the following modifications to protect against COVID-19:

  • Public spaces are sanitized by our dedicated in-house cleaning staff.
  • All staff interactions with clients will occur with PPE such as face masks. We ask that all clients wear masks during their interactions with crew as well. We can provide PPE to guests as needed.
  • We’ve installed plexiglass dividers at our front desk, markers have been added to the floor to encourage social distancing, and hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility.
  • Our pilot lounge has been modified to promote social distancing and enhance sanitization.
  • The FBO offers an updated ventilation system featuring MERV-13 hospital-grade filters, which extend throughout the facility.

Safeguarding broker flights

In addition to our COVID Care processes and meeting WYVERN and ARGUS safety standards, we look forward to working with and adhering to other broker safety standards and protocols.

To learn more please contact our charter team.


Proactive safety team

As conditions continue to evolve in relation to COVID-19, we have a dedicated in-house safety team who stays up-to-date on local, State, and Federal guidelines. The safety team makes adjustments to COVID Care as necessary, including:

  • Participating in industry community discussions on best practices and areas for improvement, including the Wyvern webinar series to discuss “Safety Cultures” and “Fighting Organizational Fatigue.”
  • Encouraging employees to submit points of concern through our SMS system.
  • Maintaining consistent communication with crews and employees for welfare checks.

Maximizing Cleaning Standards

Sun Air Jets voluntarily participates in the following cleaning standard programs. These standards represent industry best practices and government agency guidance, and help us further safeguard our clients and employees.

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As one of the safest, top-rated operators in the nation, Sun Air Jets is dedicated to high-quality, risk-averse safety and operational processes from the moment of your first interaction with us to the time you return back home.

If you have additional questions about flying privately or our COVID Care initiative, please contact us today.