Beverly Hills

Your Paradise in the Sky

They say paradise is on Earth, but what if it is in the sky? Our private jet fleet has been engineered to maximize your overall comfort while traveling high above the clouds. Everything from the structure of the cabin to the range of the aircraft has been designed to fit the needs and wants of your flying experience.

Add a Little Luxury to Your Flight

Our private charter jets have many luxurious qualities; from the latest and most advanced avionics technology, to the spacious passenger cabin. Each of our seats are constructed to give you the maximum level of comfort, as the seats are both wider and provide more legroom than public commercial flights.

Safety and Service to our Customers Comes First

Above all else, Sun Air Jets puts safety as our highest priority. We are proud to hold all four jet safety certifications, a feat which very few operators can claim. However, though we have set a standard, we keep the standard, making sure that every single one of our private jet charters is tested and certified with all the latest in safety equipment and standards.

Charter a Private Jet Today

If you are looking for a fun, stress-free way to fly, Sun Air Jets has all the luxuries you could want. We have charter jets that are suited for any mission, whether you need space for work or relaxation. Our aircraft are perfectly equipped to service flights for both vacations as well as business. To book a private jet charter, contact us today and see what a world class jet charter experience is all about.



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